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    Al ibadaah on islamic worldview

    Afolabi Wasiu

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    Al ibadaah on islamic worldview Empty Al ibadaah on islamic worldview

    Post by Afolabi Wasiu on Fri Dec 06, 2013 1:24 am

    _Meaning of al-ibadah
    _a religious on like religious
    Al- ibadah means service,in that defination of islam.ibadah must cover concious,willing and normal.this means for anything to be consider as ibadah it must connotes the following-: concious,willing and normal.
    As human being who consider and aspire to be Allah abd savants or slave.hence he must engage in all action conciosly,willing and felt normal to serve his creator.
    "Al-aslu fil ibadah aroom aw hazr" .
    Meaning-the basic of the services is forbidden or the foundation of the service is means all form of service in is forbidden pohibited exeptAllah alone,therfore,in order to render service it requires submission of oneself to the superior.
    What is submission-it refers to all conscious and willing submission for wher it neither conscious and willing,it cannot then mean real submission.consider submission it means consciou and willing submission or willing acceptance to humiliate oneself willing and consciously,when submission is not totally completed without being concious and willing,for someone to submit himself he must be conscious and willing to serve Allah totally and that is abd.
    Tthus,fitrah means realisaion.the worid denoting decense of submission is aslam, Allah says in the quran -:who can be better in religion than one who submit his face to Allah,the kind of submiting one's face to Allah it means to worship him alone as if you face aparticular direction authomatically it would not be easy for that person to see anything than where it's face directed to.
    A religion unlike religion-:concept of submission is common to all religion but not all religious enacts real submission,islam enact real submission by calling oneself a slave of Allah and to aslave to anybody.
    The concept of submission in this context is not momentary or erractic but a continious act leads throughout the entire span of one life,this means anyone who submit itself in service toAllah must engage continious action throughout his entire life.(quran chapter 16 vs 99)confirm, that-wa abul robbaka hatta yatiyaka li yakeen. It means serve your lord until death comes.
    It is not the type of submission that operate only within the realm of the heart without manifesting itself out wordly in the action of the body as one performing the obidience to his lord.
    In cinclusion-:al -ibadah covered conscious,willing,submission and must be felt normal according to the nature of the creation.

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