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    week2:summary on islamic worldview

    ibrohim daud

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    week2:summary on islamic worldview Empty week2:summary on islamic worldview

    Post by ibrohim daud on Wed Nov 13, 2013 12:47 am

    Concept of service{ ‘ibaadah}
    This refers to man’s returning himself by giving himself up in service to God.this service should not be understood as meaning “khidmah”. On the other hand mamluk conveys implicity the mening of the ownership is the one who takes his service. Therefore a mamluk is possessed by the Malik. Mamluk is not with khadim because it does not connote the meaning of being owned.therefore the act of service appropriate for ‘abd’ is ibaadah and not khidmah.
    “Ibaadah refers to all conscious and willing acts of the sake of Allah alone and approved by him.
    The fulfillment of one’s existence is that man’s obligation to serve hi God is felt by him as normal because it comes as natural inclination on the man’s part to do so.
    And also lastly Fitrah which means sunnat Allah. It is the pattern according to which God has created all things.
    It is also God’s manner of creating.
    It is also the love of Allah.
    Submission to this fitrah brings harmony for it means realization of what is inherit in one’s true nature.
    This fitrah means realization of convenant by man and submission ourselves to almighty Allah.

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    Post by Abusekinah on Tue Nov 26, 2013 9:32 pm

    Baarak Allahu feekum.

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