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    Islamic worldview Empty Islamic worldview

    Post by abdraman musliudeen on Fri Dec 06, 2013 10:34 pm

    Islamic worldview
    _submission and unconditiona
    _affirmation,manner and form.
    Submission and unconditional submissions,the word denoting this concept of unconditional submission derives its meanimg from(quran 4 vs 125)."waman ahsana diinan mimman aslam wajhah lilah" maeanig,who can be beeter in religion than one who submit his face to Allah.(quran 3vs85):"wamay yabtag gayral islam diinah falany yhugbala minh".
    Meaning,a religion (din)that enact total submission to Allah alone,the submission must not be conditional religion since total submission is perculiar to Allah that is the reason why "rabi'ah adaww" felt to say serve almighty Allah purposely for his pleasure not in respecting of jannah nor in affarding of fire.
    Affarmation,manner and form:this implies that religion consists not only an affirmation of the unity of Allah(tawhid)but also at the manner and form in which we veriy that affirmation as shown by his last prophet who confirmed .The affirmation means tawhid,monotheism,testifying that there is no deity worthly to be worshiped except Allah.and that is what all the prophet before prophet muhammed called for.
    And religion brought by prophet muhammed is on the manner called IBRAHIMIYAT.The prophet said "bu'ithtu bil-hanifiyahat al-samh" the meaning of hanifiyat is inclining toward truth while AS-SAMHA.means ease i.e i was sent on the manner which is pure and easy,and that is called millatul ibrahim.
    Allah say's in several places in the quran,(quran 6 vs161)"qul innail hadani robbii ila siroot mustaqina dinal qiyama millatul ibrahim haniifah wamaa kaana minaal mushrikin" another verse Allah saysin (quran 2 vs 130):"wamay yargobu annmillat ibrahim illa man safiha nafsah". Meaning,he who ever turn away from ibrahim's manner except he who has appreshis soul.
    Another one is (q2vs135)where Allah also say's waqoolu kuunu hundan awn nosora," you will be guided "qul bal millatal ibrahim hanifah" Another verses: "thumma awhaynaa ilayka a'nt tabii millata ibrahim haniifa wamaa kaana minal mushirikin" meaning, than we revealed to you that you follow the religion of ibrahim inclining towards truth and he was'nt among the polytheists .
    In conclusion we have discoused under this topic,the submission and unconditional submission,affirmation,manner and focus and where Allah has emphasised millah of the past prophet ibrahim(pbuh).

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