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    Islamic civilisation

    abdraman musliudeen

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    Islamic civilisation Empty Islamic civilisation

    Post by abdraman musliudeen on Tue Nov 12, 2013 1:22 am

    Ibn defines civilisation as:

    " a sophistication in luxury and the mastery of craft used used to advance it in various aspect such as cooking, clothing, decoration , architecture and all social situation "
    each of these requires skills and craft to acquire it. They are specific and corollary ( interwined ) to one to another but vary according to the variation of the inclination of the soul towards pleasure , delight , and enjoyment of luxury that are determined by the decorum.
    Therefore the cycle of civilisation related to monarchy is necessarily intertwined with the cycle of peasantry , since peasantry and monarchy are con-substantial with one another .

    He lay more emphasy on the aspect of craft and hand manipulation .
    He also lay more emphasis on skills which are intellectualistic.

    This is because these two terms are very paramount in the gradual process of civilisation .

    And also it is noted that civilisation requires continuity because it is generally accepted that a present civilisation turns ancient in the nearest future e.g the advent of cooking in the olden days appears civilisesd then but now , it looks vice-versa .
    There fore , since civilisation requires craft and skill ,we need to look at civlisational value.

    Civilisational value
    1. Is the fruit of any human effort to improve his lifestyle whether this effort is conscious or sub-conscious ,or whether the effort was material or immaterial.
    2. The real of any civilizational product will not be felt untill it is examined and tested by human in sa many ways to understand its benefit and how to remake it . This also requires a time and history . E.g Making of bread ; making of bread is not an over-night job , it requires long stage and strenousity ( difficulty ) that is from cultivating- germating-harvesting-transformation-processing-finishing. We can see all these gradual civilisations takes centuries and that connote time and history.

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