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    summary on islamic worldview

    ibrohim daud

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    summary on islamic worldview Empty summary on islamic worldview

    Post by ibrohim daud on Wed Nov 13, 2013 12:40 am

    (AL-DIN) Islam is the religion consists not an affirmation of the unity of Allah. The concept of islam(AL-DIN) is understood to mean religion not as the concept religion from the western perspectives.
    The primary signification of islam(AL-DIN) are mainly four…
    3.Judicious power
    4.Natural inclination to tendency

    Din signifies Indebtedness
    The verb(DIN) which derives from the meaning of being indebt.
    Also being indebt you are under Obligation naturally increases judgement and conviction.
    All the signification of humanbeing by Allah is a debt to us human being also is a substance of debt so they must repay with themselves. Returning the debt means to give himself up to service to almighty Allah
    Courtesy:khaleed bn wahleed

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