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    Introduction to islam worldview

    Afolabi Wasiu

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    Introduction to islam worldview Empty Introduction to islam worldview

    Post by Afolabi Wasiu on Tue Nov 26, 2013 8:54 pm

    _Introductin to islamic world view _meaning of islamic worldview. Meaning of al_din significance of al_din
    Islamic worldview is a compound words of islamic,world,view.islamic is adjective (ad,)means something that relate to islam.
    Islamic means an act of practising ideology of islam.islamization it is away of adopting west ideology in as much it does not conflict with islam.Islamization simply means decontextualize and re_contextualize.
    Therefore,world means global and views means perception,therefore islamic worldview mean how islam sees the world.let look islam as a religion.
    Meaning of islam as religion and not only an affirmation of the unit but also the manner and form in which we verify that affirmation as shown by his prophet who confirmed perfected and consolidated the manner of form.
    Al_din means religion is not the same as the concept religion from the western perspective.
    AL_din interconnected but have various meaning such like.
    _judiocious power
    _natural inclination or tendency.
    Din signifying indebtedness,being indebted:you feel inferior to the creditor.indebtness leads to obligation,obligation naturally leads to judgement and being conviction.but all these happen only in organised communities and everycity/town has a judge who judges him and the indebted serve/submit totally.
    We should look on islamic perspective of this explanation,human being himself is the substance of this debt ,so must he repay with himself.human being himself is the debt to be returned to the owner,returning the debt in such that to give himself totally in service in a normal way to his lord.being indebt make him a slave in humilating his self because he has nothing to pay then you have to submit totally.
    Conclusion; this stanzas testify the crystaly truth and confirm human p osition to almighty.

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