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    Post by Ibrahim Ismail Abiola on Wed Dec 25, 2013 11:50 pm

    How was the tradition of the Prophet (S.A.W) preserved?
    The tradition of the Prophet was preserved firstly by memorizing it. The companions used to memorize any Sunnah of the Prophet during his era once the Prophet had authorized them not to write his sayings down in order to prevent the Sunnah from mixing up with the Holy Quran once Quran was still revealed. Indeed we can regard this act as the first stage of preserving the tradition of the Prophet (SAW). The second stage was through putting it into the practice, this reveals that the more the practice of the tradition of the prophet on the part of the companions, the more it became part and parcel of them. After the death of the Prophet (SAW) the companions started putting the hadith into written because the revelation had come to an end.
    Culture of writing in the Pre-Islamic Period
    This explain how the Arabs put down their tradition from one generation to another, how they respond to the attitude of reading and writing and how the prophet deals with the Arabs attitude toward reading and writing.
    Understanding that there was nothing regarded as writing in the Pre-Islamic period. The only thing they engaged themselves in is to pass down their tradition from one generation to another through memorization. The Arab used to memorize, Almighty Allah endowed them with such quality. But talking of reading and writing, they have no privilege for both, this is why they were so amazed when they saw the Prophet narrating the story of those before him, and the ability of convincing them that if not for the fact that he (the Prophet) was receiving the message from Almighty Allah he might have not know all these stories.
    When we are discussing the war against Sunnah, we are automatically talking concerned (AL-QURAANIYYUN).
    Al-Quraaniyyun: These are those groups who reject the Sunnah and they prove it by their claims: “It is only Quran that is prevented from being fabricated because Almighty Allah has been in charge of preserving it, but Sunnah can be fabricated by anybody.

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