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    hadith 2 of an-nawawi"s collection

    Abdul basit damilare

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    hadith 2 of an-nawawi"s collection Empty hadith 2 of an-nawawi"s collection

    Post by Abdul basit damilare on Tue Nov 26, 2013 11:59 pm

    In second hadith of Nawawy is like a dramatical event according to the narration given to us by the first Ameerul muhmiinin( the commander of all faith) that is Umar ibn al-khattab.
    The companion was with the prophet one day together with Umar who fetched us this data when suddenly they saw a man who has no trace of a traveler nor nobody had even know him before by this time they were wondering, the man sat in front of the prophet ( p.b.u.h) asking him some question and the prophet was answering him simultaneously.
    A lot about Islam was asked from the man directly to the prophet Muhammad ( P.B.U.H ) while the prophet was answering him, but the prophet did not answer the fourth question that is about the time which means the last day and that means the last day which is hidden to the prophet Muhammad and all other circumstances that pertain to Islam. But by this, Umar and other companions were totally blind fold is about this stranger because the incident had never occurred before. After these questions the man stood up and left. Umar told us too after the prophet asked him who the man was and the prophet told them that it was Jibril who came to teach them about Islam.

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