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    Hadith lecture

    abdraman musliudeen

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    Hadith lecture Empty Hadith lecture

    Post by abdraman musliudeen on Wed Nov 13, 2013 1:39 am

    Evolution of sunah

    1.The difference between sunah and hadith
    2. The status of the sunnah in islam
    3. Defending the sunah
    4. Legal status of the sunah formulating the islamic law

    Hadith : this means the saying , deeds , and reaction to other actions of the prophet ( s.a.w )

    Sunnah : the way of life taught by the prophet muhammed

    This is now to the difference between sunnah and hadith

    1. It implies the narration of saying or act of an approval of the prophet muhammed irrespective of of whether the matter is undisputed .
    2. What the prophet does not dis-approve


    1. Means a clear path , manner in which almighty allah deals with nations as it had been used in the quran . I.e the sunnah of Allah
    2. The way of life taught by prophet muhammed ( s.a.w )


    Sunnah can be referred to be the second source of islamic shariah after he glorious Quran .
    The struture of islam has been raised and cleared by through the sunnah of the prophet e.g basic commandment such as prayers , fasting , pilgrimage , zakat , and other rights have no doubt been laid down by the quran.
    Quran lays only the fundamental for life e.g prayer time , number of rakaat , and all others .
    Anybody forsaking sunnah can never have his religion completed according to the saying of prophet muhammed ( s.a.w ) : i have been the quran and something similar to it
    Souces of islamic sharia
    1. The quran
    2. The hadith
    3. Consensures of scholars
    4. Analogical deduction ( if conditions are met )

    1. Khawarijites : a group that left islam in the early days by denying the sunnah due to accusing the sahabah of dis-belief
    2. Qur'aniyyah : after khawarijites comes quraniyyah . Their view is circulated on here and and they called themselves the people of the quran but opposed the sunnah .


    How can we develop the sunah; we can defend the sunnah: Allah says in the holy quran " by the star , your companion ( muhammed ) has neither gone astray noh has erred , nor does he speak on his own desire , it is only a revelation revealed " ( qur 53 vs 1-4 )

    then if muhammed is to be follwed and obeyed , his commands and prohibition will have no value .
    And the prophet ordered the consequence of his sunnah .
    This means that the sunah of the prophet should be followed and obeyed by the whole nation
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