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    Hadith lecture (2)

    abdraman musliudeen

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    Hadith lecture (2)  Empty Hadith lecture (2)

    Post by abdraman musliudeen on Wed Nov 13, 2013 7:20 pm

    Defending the sunnah
    the following term are highlited :
    1. Are we under any obligation to defend the sunnah
    2. Why should we
    3. How should we
    4. When should we

    1. Are we under any obligation to defend the sunnah : yes ; all muslims are under obligation to defend sunnah

    2. Why should we : prophet muhammed said convey of me even if it is one verse . This command of the prophet made it copulsory behind the reason why we must defend the sunnah .
    Moreso, the sunnah compliiments and expanciates the sayings of Allah to all believers . Allah also says in quran ( qur 4 vs 80 ) . whoever follows the messanger has automatically followed the Allah . This verse also tells us the reason why we should defend the sunnah as a muslim .

    2. How should we : we can only defend sunnah by two ways:
    1. Putting it into practice
    2. Preaching it to other people with wisdom .

    When we are practicing sunnah , people will be aware of the existence of the sunnah and some will be emulating us and whereby people would would not be neglected of the sunnah
    preaching it also to other in wisdom ; prophet muhammed s.a.w said convey of me even if it is a word .
    4. When should we : we should defend sunnah anytime , sunnah is been abused , and mis - interpretated .

    Pre-islamic culture

    1. Idols were the objective of worship , may people qre arrogant and self-righteous . Weak people live under perpetual operation

    2. What governed the society was the law of the jungle . ( survival of the fittest )

    nevertheless, sending the prophet muhammed had played many roles in abolishing this pre-islamic culture by inviting following such as ;
    1. Worshipping Allah alone
    2. Stoping of the killing or burying alive of female
    3. Justice among people
    4. Equality among arabian societies

    legal status of the sunnah that formulated in islam

    1. The prophet said " i have left two matters with you , as long as you hold them tight ,you will never go astray , that is THE BOOK OF ALLAH and HIS SUNNAH" .

    2. Allah says " and whatever , the messanger has given you , take it and whatever he has forbidden, refrain from it .......

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