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    critical thinking on, hajiyat , tahsiniyyat and thinking style

    Afolabi Wasiu

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    critical thinking on, hajiyat , tahsiniyyat and thinking style  Empty critical thinking on, hajiyat , tahsiniyyat and thinking style

    Post by Afolabi Wasiu on Fri Dec 06, 2013 2:51 am

    Meaning of hajiniyat
    Meaning of tahsiniyyaat
    What is thinking style
    Type of thinking style in Quran
    Meaning of hajiyyat_it means complementing benefit are those that necessary for only basic or rudiment benefit for living e.g. food, cloth for our naked.
    What are the thinking styles?
    Thinking style is a skill that widen or expending the scope of human perception in other to have a letter understanding of define message. This thinking style has to do with the level of exposure of human perception. more so ,it influence the rate in which human being comprehend divine message and the ability to apply it in theirs daily activities and issues. Therefore, divine message means holy message from Allah to his prophet.
    The following are the thinking style in the.
    1.inquisitive :it means new information in form of question, Quran(Quran 35 vs 3).
    2: positive: this is a process of being optimist,i.e bias (Quran 12 vs 89)
    3 :hypothetical :this is means to observe or examine the value of something.(quran40vs28)
    4. Rational: this means a kind of thinking reason or reasonable .is to test the thinking reasonability,(Quran 22vs22)
    5.reflective:this is a type of thinking style that have3 to do with imagination and to show the image of something(Quran 2vs164)
    6. visual: this is also a thinking style that have something to do with sighting our thinking, connected with what we have seen.
    7 .analogical/ metaphorical l: this style uses simile on order to indicate similarity of characteristic common between two things.(al_nur 39).or (Saba 19_21).
    8. emotional:is known as empathetic thinking refers to the care of mercy of Allah towards his ibada.(al nisa 27).
    9.perceptual:this style is revealed to human ,s view about the world around him(Quran bakarah 216).
    10.conceptual:this type of thinking style is related to or based on idea.
    11.type of thinking style has to do with inspiration. thinking style deals with experiment.
    13.nishful:this type of thinking style deals with human desire and want.
    We have discussed so far the meaning of hajiyyat, tahsiniyyaat, thinking style and type of thinking style in Quran.

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