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    3rd Summary on Critical Thinking (Taffakkur)


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    3rd Summary on Critical Thinking (Taffakkur) Empty 3rd Summary on Critical Thinking (Taffakkur)

    Post by Aliy on Thu Nov 21, 2013 3:43 pm

    Terminologies of taffakkur
    Meaning of ijtihad

    To introduce this discussion , there are some steps that we have to include , this topic is some kind of important terms in critical thinking , and it is very important we discuss it .
    Terminologies of taffakkur in the quran is many but we wish to mention some ; among are takafur ( thought ) , tadhakkur ( remembering ) , tabassur (insight ) , fiqh ( grasping ) , ta’aqqul ( reasoning ) , idrak ( perceiving ) tadabbur ( pondering ) , tafaqquh ( comprehending ) , tawassum ( reflecting) , nazar ( look ) , I’tibaar ( taking a lesson ) .
    Now , we can now move to the meaning of ijtihad. Ijtihad simply means the application by a jurists of all his faculties in inferring to the rules that guide shariah from their sources , or in such a way to implement such rules and applying them to practical issues . it is also considered as a critical and creative but disciplined intellectual effort to clear legal ruling from those various sources ,while taking into consideration the variables that is been imposed by the fluctuating circumstance of the Muslim society . this means that ijtihad mainly consists of the intellectual exertions , in the case ,the rules of shari’ah cannot be achieved without implementing taffakkur .

    In conclusion, tafakkur and ijtihad are instruments which facilitates and promote critical thinking of a human person .
    Abu Hamid

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    3rd Summary on Critical Thinking (Taffakkur) Empty Re: 3rd Summary on Critical Thinking (Taffakkur)

    Post by Abu Hamid on Tue Nov 26, 2013 7:53 pm

    jazakallahu khayran insha Allah try to familiaries urselves with critical thinking .it promises to educating

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