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    Afolabi Wasiu

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    computer 6 Empty computer 6

    Post by Afolabi Wasiu on Fri Dec 13, 2013 2:24 pm

    meaning of computer sssembly
    explanation of open cases
    explanatioon of c.,p.u in mother board
    decription of blos
    decription of post
    computer asembly this is the large part of a technician job.that is work in a logical aspect ate
    computer component.
    -open cases;you have to prepare the work space before opening the computer cases i.s as
    And thier are different methods of opening cases;
    c.p.u and the mother board are very sensitive to electrotic ,discharge so use a grounded antistic mat and wear an antistic twist scrap before you can dischage them.
    when handing c.p.u do not touch the c.p.u you have to contact the c.p.u is secure to the socket in the motherboard with a locking assembly.Install external drives bay,the drives such as optical drives,(CD,DVD.)and the floppy drives,are installed in drive bays that are accessed from the front of the case.The optical drives and floopy drives storew data on the removable media,the drive in external bay allows access to the media without opening the cases.
    socket,close it and apply thermal component to the c.p.u.
    Install ram=provided temporary data storage with the computer is operating,it should be installed in the motherboard before it placed in the computer.the installation step is allign not dues to the slot. The satrra data cable has a 7 pin connector one end of the cable 15.
    BIOS ;the basic input and output system ,the bios is a set of instruction stored in a non-valatile memory chip.when the computer is botting the basic inpuit/output system (bios)will perform a power on self test(POST)to check on all the internal components.
    in conclusion: we have toouch into the memory of computer assembly,explanation of open cases,the explanation of c.p.u and both the mother board and the desacription of BIOS and post.

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