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    Islamic Civilization. Class held on 18|11|13

    1st Amiyru Shuqqo
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    Islamic Civilization. Class held on 18|11|13 Empty Islamic Civilization. Class held on 18|11|13

    Post by 1st Amiyru Shuqqo on Thu Nov 28, 2013 9:29 am

    Western And Islamic Perception of History.

    The knowledge of Ancient Western World was partly preserved centuries ago. They were able to safe guide their knowledge due to the survival of the Eastern Roman Empire. It was also greatly expanded by the Arabs' importation of both Ancient Greek-Roman & New Technology from India & China. The concept of Western Culture was generally linked to the classical definition of the Western world. In this definition, Western Concept of Human Evolution was through Gradual Development, this was stipulated by a scientist known to be Charles Darwin who claim that the living being developed from the following three steps:-
    #Adaptation and
    #Finally passing along the genes.

    Variation was explained by Darwin that everything started out with one specie who had some Variations and passed them to new generation. They kept it, until they witnessed differences in specie, order, family or something else this has kept going and now we have all the different order.

    However, the famous part in natural selection is only the second part known as Adaptation. This states that only the best variation survived. This is pretty much the basis of it but the Religion perspective was totally different from this. The Christianity as a religion give their interpretation to history to had prevailed during the DARK AGES in Europe. When the church maintained an absolute control and hegemony. It was claimed that human being collapsed because of Adam's sin until Christ came and presented himself in sacrifice to this sin. Hence, all the life of Man and History should be directed towards salvation and hereafter. This claims maintain that human life is Directed exclusively by God`s plan & that man has no role in making the event of History. They also included that it was the sin that our Great Father; Adam committed that has impact on his offspring.

    Alas, the Holy Quran has now made it so clear that this sin also known as Original sin by our Ancestor is not inheritable. Allah says in His Divine Book; 2vs 3 that "no bearer of burden will bear the burden of another.” Firstly, the issue of inheriting Sins has no where in Islamic Believe. All you do shall be for you and no one else would ever be held accountable for it. The issue of Qabil who killed his brother Habil appears contradictory to this claim due to the tradition that The Nobel Prophet was reported to have said what means that; Qabil would always have a share of the Sin every time murder is being committed just because He started it. Whereas, this issue differs in the sense that Adam committed his personal sin that could be committed by a normal Human but Qobil initiated the path of Murder. It has also been reported that the Prophet said "He who initiate a Good Path would have a reward on everybody that emulate that act". So, Ancestral Sin is not inheritable.
    In Islam, Divinity is the first factor to be considered when History is concerned. It is He who Created the world who should definitely be considered as The Paramount Historical Analyst. Then this leads to Man itself through a certain period of time in a place, History then arose.

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