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    science of the quran

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    science of the quran Empty science of the quran

    Post by Afolabi Wasiu on Wed Nov 27, 2013 1:37 am

    Introduction of naskh and mansukh
    Meaning of naskh and mansukh
    What necessitate it?
    How do we know it
    How does it occur?
    Division of abrogation
    Cases of abrogation of Quran
    The Arabic word of Naskh and mansukh are both derived from the word of same root called NOSAKHA which means abolish, to replace, to withdraw and to abrogate. The word naskh is active participle means the abrogating, while the al_ mansukh (passive) means the abrogated.
    Technically –this refers to certain part of quranic revelation, which have been abrogate by others.
    ISLAM was introduce in stages,eg prohibited of intoxicating ,substances (QURAN 2 VS 219).They ask you “O (Muhammad .pbuh) concerning alcoholic drink, and gambling, say in them a great sin of them is greater than their benefits.” Then follows by the second stages (Quran 4 vs. 43)”o you who believe! approach not al-solat (prayer) When you are in a drunken stages until you know of what you ultered.The final stage were Allah prohibited totally in (Quran 5 vs. 90) ‘’o you who believe !intoxicant gambling,al-ansab and al-azlam(arrow of seeking luck or decision)are an abomination of shayton ,so avoid that in other that you may be successful. The three stages been shows how Quran is gradually forbid.AL-KHAMAR(alcohol).
    HOW DO WE KNOW IT ; it must base on three reliable report.
    *Report from prophet Muhammad (saw) and his companion. (2) Knowledge about which part of Quran is preceded another part in history of revelation (3) Ijmaa.
    1 .Quran abrogates Quran (Quran 2 vs. 34)
    2 .Quran abrogates sunnah (q 53vs34)
    3 . Sunnah abrogates Quran
    4. Sunnah abrogates sunnah
    Abrogation of the recited verses together with the legal ruling e.g. (suckling) 2.abrogation of the legal ruling without recited verses (Quran 33vs52,and Quran 33vs50) (3)abrogation of the recited verse without the legal ruling.
    Mansukh Naskh
    Q 2vs80 Q 2vs234
    Q 2vs 240 Q 8VS62
    Q 8vs65 Q 33vs32
    Q 30vs50 Q 56vs13
    Q 58vs12 Q 11vs12
    The summary comprises the meaning of naskh and mansukh, what necessitate through the stages on how abrogation could be known and how does it occur, more so, it entails the division of abrogation and cases of it in the Quran.

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