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    hadith 3 of an-nawawi"s collection

    Abdul basit damilare

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    hadith 3 of an-nawawi"s collection Empty hadith 3 of an-nawawi"s collection

    Post by Abdul basit damilare on Wed Nov 27, 2013 12:19 am

    The third hadith of An- Nawawy was narrated of Abdullah, the son of Umar bn Khattaab( may Allah be pleased with him) who happens to be one of the four. Abdullah popularly known among the scholars. Abdullah bn Abbaas, Abdullah ibn moshuud , Abdullah bn Umar and Abdullahh ibn Amr bn Alas.
    The hadith was like the second hadith which was narrated by the father of the narrator of this third hadith what a splendid reward from Allah to a family who produce father that both practice hadith ( Umar and his son Abdullah) .
    The content is also part and parcel of the second hadith which treat the basic and find a mental part of Islam as whole. It treats the five pillars of Islam which makes person to be a muslim when he practice it which are: to testify that there is no other worthy person to worship except Allah ( s w t) i.e
    We should not associate any partnership with Allah because he is the one that created everything on earth and heaven which indicates that he is the true creator(GOD) and also to believe that prophet Muhammad is the divine messenger of almighty ALLAH and also the last prophet who is the seal of all prophets.
    2.The second pillars goes thus: we should endeavour to pray five daily solat as the prophet ordered us.
    3. we should try to pay zakat for those that have the capacity to do so in an appropriate manner.
    4. To fast in the month of Ramadan as it was written down in the Holy Quran.
    5. to visit the noble house( masjid al-haram) of Allah (s w t) for those that have the ability to do so. Khalid ibn walid group

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