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    hadeeth 1 of an-nawawy's collection

    Abdul basit damilare

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    hadeeth 1 of an-nawawy's collection Empty hadeeth 1 of an-nawawy's collection

    Post by Abdul basit damilare on Tue Nov 26, 2013 11:56 pm

    Works are uncountable, deeds are plenty,but the foundation will tell because it is the root of everything. Supposing someone wants to build a house despite the facts that he/she will go through some process in getting the building materials, workers,plans and so on. But these processes may prove abortive because he/she may have skips something tangible which is the foundatrion. So by this building process may have some problems when building or after completing the structure.
           It is obvious that foundation matters a lot in every plan exercised by mankind because it happenes to be the existence is purposely because the parents exist which means parents there is the foundation.
    In the other way, a poet says in one of his poem that if there is solid foundation, the production will be well. All these explanations is meant on FOUNDATION which has been defined as the first and foremost of everything concerning life matters.
      In marriage, it is adviceable for couples to go for blood group verification( islamically and biologically) the reasons behind this counsels for the couple to know themselves because they are the foundation of what is to be produced by them and if they both collaborate on wrong or unbenefit unionwill eventually result woefully. That shows how crucial foundation is in human life. Although Allah says in the holy Quran 7:58 (meaning) the vegetation of its good land that comes forth( easily) by the permission of its Lord, and that which is bad, brings forth nothing but difficulty.
     Mankinds  engage him/ herself in many and uncomfortable things of life but little or none of it is considered from him/her because of the root of the works. By this it is apparent that works are done only on intention and mankind will actually be rewarded on any actions performed by him or her.

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