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    Post by 1st Amiyru Shuqqo on Mon Nov 25, 2013 8:17 pm


    It’s a known issue fact that Allah never create anything for granted, but created everything for a great purpose. This would imbibe the habit of reasoning on The Divine Words of Allah and The holy acts of His Prophet Mohammad. There are many cases where rigorous examination is required in the Sunnah before it could be comprehensively acted upon. All these acts are classified to be Ijtihaad. Merely saying Ijtihaad, people may think its only about the propagation of Islam by waging War or killing non-believers, but it encloses more than that. Its also a process of finding a befitting solution to strange uprising issues that were not discussed vividly in The Holy Quran and Sunnah. Its the contribution of the scholars to make sure that virtually all modern issues are Islamically analysed. Few examples of this happened during the Prophet’s lifetime which he accepted it as also part of Sunnah (that is His silence approval), some are as follows;-

    #The Companions who applied the knowledge of Ijtihaad on the issue of Solatul ‘Asri while they were sent to Banu Qurayzah. This incident happened during the life of the holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W); the prophet instructed the Sohaba (followers) not to observe Solatul ‘Asri until they get to the fotress of Banu Qurayzah. This instruction given to them by the prophet caused a lot of ambiguities (mis-understandings) between them. Some were of the opinion that, what The Prophet was saying was that they should observed it when it is time for solat Asri because he felt they would have got there, and others were of the opinion that they must not observe it until they get there. The former observed their Solat before they got to the fotress at the time of Solatul ‘Asri and others observed theirs when they got to the fotress as instructed by the prophet.
    When they returned to our Nobel Prophet, they tendered the matter. The Noble Prophet said the two parties are both right, but He now emphasized that one is nearer to The Sunnah than the other.

    #There was another important situation when a companion was reported to always recite Suratul lkhalas in every raka’a of his solat after reciting Suratul Fatiah and other Surah. He was reported to The Holy Prophet(s.a.w) and The Prophet inquired why he was fund of doing so. He replied that he loves the content of that Surah because it emphasis the Oneness of Allah, so with that he love to reciting that surah. Then The Holy Prophet prayed for him that may Allah love him in return as he has loved Allah!

    Conclusively, Ijtihaad is a compound field of knowledge in Islam that is needed to be adopted in such a way that it will be used to judge a critical situation a Muslim finds himself so as to deal with a challenging situations.

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