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    Information Technology Class held on 11/11/13

    1st Amiyru Shuqqo
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    Information Technology Class held on 11/11/13 Empty Information Technology Class held on 11/11/13

    Post by 1st Amiyru Shuqqo on Sun Nov 24, 2013 8:20 pm

    System Unit and Peripherals.
    The Computer System mainly consist of two parts namely;-
    *The System Unit and
    *The Peripherals.
    The former (that is System Unit) is the main part of the Computer were all input data are being processed before producing it or forwarding it out as an output. This is the engine that controls the entire affairs of the system and its considered to be The Brain of the Computer system. Its components are of two forms which are;-
    *The Software: this is also known to be the Ghost of the Computer. Its the untouchable part of the Computer which consist the applications on the System Unit. It happens to be the controller and the main component on the System Unit, without it The System Unit is nothing.
    *Then, The Hardware: these are the touchable parts of the System Unit. Its the part we see and touch. They are also known to be the components inside-the-box. We can see them enclosed in the Casing. They are also essential parts of the System Unit which the Software can never do away with. The System Unit comprises the aforementioned two components and its casing is of two shapes namely;-
    #Tower and
    #Desktop shape.
    Both shapes are considerably good but they differ in their affecting factors. If the factor of space is to be considered, the desktop occupies little space compare to the tower which occupies more space. Both serve as the central post or center point where all Peripherals are connected to.
    The later (Peripherals) are those components of the Computer system that act as subordinates to the System Unit. They are all connected to it and can never be isolated from it. The Peripherals are of two main devices which are;-
    #The Input and
    #The Output Device.
    Input Devices are used to enter or send data into the System Unit. They are components mainly connected to the system unit, to communicate in a meaningful way using an understandable language (that is the machine language). It may be in different forms depending on the form of the data to be input, like audio input, visual input and many others. Example of Input devices are Mouse, Keyboard, Digital Video Camera( visual input), Microphone( audio input), Bio-metric Authentication, Touch Screen, Scanner, to mention but few.
    Output Devices are medium through which the Computer System communicates the results of processed data to the users. This are devices mainly meant to give-out refined information to be passed out as a result of the input signals. This also takes different forms in operating like audio output, visual output, signal output and others. Some examples of output devices are Monitors or Visual Display Units (V.D.U), Projectors, Printers (visual output), Speakers, Headsets or Earphones (audio output), Remote Controls (signal output), e.t.c.
    Vividly observing the above mentioned Output Devices, a question may arise that "What is the difference between the Monitor or the V.D.U and the Projector?" The best answer to this can be given by observing the images they output. That is, examining the produced image of the two we would know their differences. With this, we would observe that The Monitor Screen produces a direct Image while The Projector Screen produces an indirect Image. The screen of the monitor displays its data where the user can view it directly, but that of The Projector can only be viewed on the Screen opposing the Projector. However, in producing the monitor Cathode Ray Tubes (C.R.T) are used, but Liquid Crystal Displays (L.C.D) are commonly used for projectors. Moreover, different Output devices differ in forms of their outputs, like The Printer which is a device that produces hard copies of Computer Files or Paper copies of Electronic Files. There are various type of Printers such as;-
    *Laser Printer which uses electro-photographic technology where laser beam create its image, having 8-200 pages per minute(ppm) speed, that is it can print from 8 to 200 pages per minute. It has high quality and its faster in printing.
    *Another type is The Inkjet Printer using electrostatic Spray Technology, it has 2-6ppm speed. Its privately used and produces a quality image.
    *The Thermal Printer is also a type of Printer. It uses a chemically treated paper that becomes black when heated. Its usually used in the Airports;
    There are other Output devices which their product differs. Like The Speaker and Headphone, they produce audio results after being amplified by the Amplifier in the System Unit.
    The Remote Control also produce another form of Output in a signal form. Collectively, we realize that the remote control has buttons serving as its Input Device, the Processor in it is the System Unit whereas, the Output is its Signal.
    In conclusion, Peripherals are components assisting the System Unit to exhibit its duty meaningfully and helps in making the data comprehensible by Computer users.

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