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    Summary on Ijtihad Lesson


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    Summary on Ijtihad Lesson  Empty Summary on Ijtihad Lesson

    Post by Aliy on Thu Nov 21, 2013 3:37 pm


             Insha’Allah, today we are going to discuss about what we have been previously discussing, mainly about ijtihad. 
              Cases of ijtihad in the Quran and Sunnah are very many, but we are going to mention only 3 and expatiate much on them Insha’Allah. 
        The first one is about the clan of banu quraizah and solatul asri. This happened when the prophet (s.a.w.) told his some of his sahabah to go to the tribe of banu quraizah and not to perform solatul asri until they reach where they are going. But on their way, solat asri met them on the way, so they contemplated on what they should do, some offered the prayer while some didn’t . So, when they returned back home, they complained to the prophet and the prophet said that both of them were right but those who didn’t pray were more nearer to Sunnah. 
           The second case was that of the sahabah who normally recite Surat ikhlaaas after every recitation during every solat. This sahabah was interrogated by the population and his case was forwarded to the prophet (s.a.w.). when he was asked by the prophet (s.a.w.) and the sahabah said that he deliberately loved to do that because that surah is specifically meant for Allah and the prophet didn’t stop him from doing so.  
        The third case was that of muaadh bin jabal when he was going to preach to the people of Yemen when the prophet was escorting him then. Then the prophet asked him that if he reaches there, what is he going to be using to give fatwa, he answered, the Quran and sunnah , then the prophet asked again that what of if he can’t find it in the Quran and sunnah , he said , he would use his qiyas ( analogical development ) . Then the prophet thanked Allah for giving him a man like muaadh bin jabal. 
        And now we wish to say the significances of ijtihad. The one to be mentioned now is that it continues to be the main instrument of interpreting the divine message and relate it to the changing condition of Muslim ummah in its aspirations to attain justice, salvation, truth.
       Maqasidu sharia is divided into three main parts; addauruuraatul khamsa, hajiyyat and tahsiniyyaat. 
            Consequences of ijtihad is to protect and promote addauruuraatul khamsa (and they are; hifz din, hifz mal, hifz nasab , hifz aql and hifz nafs) . 
           To conclude the discussion, we have discussed in brief so far some cases of ijtihad in Islam, maqasidu sharia, as well as the consequences of ijtihad, may Allah spare us till another time. Amin
    Abu Hamid

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    Summary on Ijtihad Lesson  Empty Re: Summary on Ijtihad Lesson

    Post by Abu Hamid on Tue Nov 26, 2013 8:00 pm

    try to read islamic books on the topic.the understanding of maqasidus shariah provides harmonious live.

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