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    1st class on Fiqh on 6/11/13

    1st Amiyru Shuqqo
    1st Amiyru Shuqqo

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    1st class on Fiqh on 6/11/13 Empty 1st class on Fiqh on 6/11/13

    Post by 1st Amiyru Shuqqo on Tue Nov 19, 2013 9:01 pm

    Praise be to Allah, He who designed the world the way He wishes. May His infinite peace and blessings be on The Messenger (Prophet Muhammad) who was sent with the Greatest encyclopedia (Al Qur'an) to analyze the True Way of Life (Al-Islam).
    Alas, its not an hidden fact that Shari'ah is the cord which connects Muslim and Islam (including all Apostles of Allah). Linguistically Shari'ah can hereby be define as the beginning, the starting, the entrance. Also, several meanings are given to it such as to attempt, to commence, to set about, therefore it is also used as the water-hole. Technically, its the total rule of conduct coined out from the Divine Revelation and the specific way of life, inspired to the Holy Prophet.
    In a quest to understand this, an inquisition may arise that, why was Man ordained with a Divine Law? Then we should all realize that our existence on this surface of the Earth is an outcome of the action of A Supreme Being, it began and continues (I.e evolution and reproduction) through a Divine Process. He who knows our origin and our end, His Knowledge surpasses our reasoning, His wisdom encompasses all ideas, He knows His creatures and knows what best suites each generation. His Indispensable Word fits all generations and nothing else ever existed, existing or would ever exist out of His Word. Why do we then disturb ourselves with Fabricated Laws when we already have a Golden Code-of-Conduct. We should all then focus basically on the Divine Guidance to have a meaningful life.
    Moreover, the science of inferring or deducing Shari'ah (Islamic Laws) from the available sources is hereby known as Fiqh. Its the knowledge where Religious issues demands a crucial attention, social and moral issues are not to be left for nature to determine. Every situation in life requires a specific ruling to fit it, hence we all need the application of Fiqh in our daily activities.
    In conclusion, the concept of Fiqh can not be underestimated in Islam because it is the true understanding of what is intended in it. Its the logical comparison and specifically the actual deduction of fitting Laws in accordance with the situation of occurrence. Peace be with you all.
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