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    Science of the quran ( 4 )

    abdraman musliudeen

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    Science of the quran ( 4 ) Empty Science of the quran ( 4 )

    Post by abdraman musliudeen on Tue Nov 19, 2013 8:25 pm

    1. Compilation of the quran
    2. Stages of compilation
    3. Ayat muhkamaat and ayat mutashabbihaat


    this means the collation of the quran together .
    The quran was compiled through some stages which would be mentioned below


    The quran was compiled during three stages : they are as follows ;
    the first stage comes during the era of prophet muhammed (s.a.w.) . The prophet used to recite quran during all the solat and this made many sahabah memorize the quran . More so, some sahabah wrote quran materials such as ; animal bone ,animal skin , flat stone ,leaves e.t.c. Also, the prophet encourage them to memorize quran and teach it to others . These are the ways in which quran was been compiled during the era of the prophet.

    The second stage was The compilation of the quran during the era of abu-bakr , abu was the first khalifa of islam , during his reign , the quran was compiled due to the loss of many huffaz during the battle of yamamah ( apostate battle ) when umar bin khattab went to complain to abu bakr that the quran should be compiled as a book , initially abi bakr refused , but later he accepted . The abi bakr called zaid bin haritha to do the compilation toether with the assistance of some huffaz .

    The compilation of quran during the era of khalifah uthman . This is known as the standardisation of the quran. This was done due to spreading of islam to many countries such as ; persia , syria, india , russia , china e.t.c which made people recite the holy Quran in different tunes that causes confusion . When uthman was informed of the confusion , he ordered the copy of the quran in different original copies and distributed it to mecc, medina, kuffah, syria , bazra , yemen and bahrain . And this is the one being used till date .may Allah be pleased with them all .


    ayat muhkamaat are the verses tht have clear interpretation while ayat mutashabbihaat are those that have verses whose interpretation are only known to Allah .

    To conclude the discussion , we have been able to the compilation of the quran was made in three stages as explained above and we hope the readers enjoy it.

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    Abu Hafsah
    Abu Hafsah

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    Science of the quran ( 4 ) Empty Reply

    Post by Abu Hafsah on Wed Nov 20, 2013 11:19 am

    Point of corrections: Name of the scribe of the is Zaid bn Thabith not Zaid bn Harithah. Capital letter should be used to start a name e.g Abu -Bakr not abu bakr. Lastly, the last paragraph was not well constructed.

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