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    information technology Empty information technology

    Post by abdraman musliudeen on Sun Nov 17, 2013 1:53 pm

    - Peripherals are external devices that are attached to the system unit of the computer .
    - They are mainly input and output devices . e.g. keyboard , mouse , printer , scanner e.t.c.
    - Input device is used to enter instruction into the computer e.g. touch screen , scanner e.t.c
    - Keyboard as an input device is been categorized into many sets of keys namely ; alphanumeric key , numeric key , navigation key , function key , control key , alt key , shift key, e.t.c.
    - The alphanumeric key contains of the alphabet ( a-z ) , the numeric key contain the number( 0-9 ), navigation key contains the signs of direction e.g. up , down , right , left , page up , page down e.t.c. while the function keys comprises of the f1-f12 keys
    - Scanner is an input device which convert paper documents into electronic files .
    - There are different type of scanner namely ; flat bed scanner , all in one , drum scanner , hand held scanner
    - Output is the medium through which the computer communicates the results of processed data , i.e. , information to the user .
    - Examples are :- monitors, printers , speakers , projectors .
    - Monitors are of different types , the CRT ( cathode ray tube ) is the most commonly used in television , the LCD ( liquid crystal display ) is most commonly used in laptops and projectors, it correlates in two forms ; the passive mate and the active matrix . while the digital light processing ( DLP) is another technology used in projectors .
    - Speakers also are output devices that aids in carrying out the sound of a computer.
    - Printers produce paper copies of electronic file . and it has different types; laser printer, inkjet printer , dot-matrix printer and dye sublimation printer, thermal printer, solid ink .
    - Laser printer is the largest printer , it use electro photographic technology ,and it can print up to 8-200 page per minutes (ppm)
    - Inkjet printer uses electrostatic spray technology , and it can print up to 2-6 page per minutes .
    - dot-matrix printer uses impact technology
    - solid ink printer has its ink

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