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    The Verdict of Islam on Clapping.


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    The Verdict of Islam on Clapping. Empty The Verdict of Islam on Clapping.

    Post by Abdulateeph on Sun Nov 17, 2013 1:26 am

    The Islamic Verdict on Clapping

    Source:>forum>learning about Islam

    This Article explains the Verdict on Clapping in Islam. This is an important issue to be addressed because many Muslim of nowadays does not really understand the real concept of this issue and do not known the view of Islam towards this matter. This article is very interesting, kindly get something to sit on and read it thoroughly. Happy reading:

    Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) forbade us
    from imitating the kuffaar (disbelievers) in their
    worship, traditions, customs, rituals, ceremonies,
    events and practices. Muhammad (saw) said,
    'whosoever imitates a people he is one of
    them' [Musnad al-Imaam Ahmad].

    Today the reality of clapping hands has become a
    norm. We witness children applauding audiences at
    schools all the way to "bravoing" speeches conducted
    in temples and houses of parliament. However in the
    days of Jaahiliyyah (ignorant pre-Islamic times)
    clapping was regarded as a ritual action performed
    as a gesture to please the gods. This change from a
    religiously based act to a customary habit has not
    altered the general Islamic verdict on clapping it is
    forbidden to clap. Allah (swt) says:
    "Their (Quraysh) prayer (Salaah) in the house (of
    Allaah - Kabah in Makkah) was nothing but whistling
    and clapping (of hands). (Its only answer can be),
    Taste the penalty because you disbelieved." [EMQ al-
    Anfaal, 8: 35]

    Tafseer (Qur'aanic commentary and explanation) on
    this verse by as-Salaf us-Saalih (the pious
    predecessors); Abdullaah bin 'Abbaas, Abdullaah bin
    'Umar, Atiyyah, Mujaahid, Ad-Dahhaak, Hassan and
    Qataadah (ra) all state that the word Tasdiyyah in the
    above verse means clapping the hands. A note worth
    mentioning here is that the Salaf us-Saalih are the
    best people to understand the Wahy (Divine
    Revelation Qur'aan and Sunnah) and they are our
    Islamic benchmark.

    Clapping during parties is one of the actions of
    jaahiliyyah. The least that can be said about it is that
    it is makrooh (disliked), but the evidence suggests
    rather that it is haraam, because the Muslims are not
    allowed to resemble the kuffaar. Allah says
    describing the kuffaar of Makkah (
    It has been authentically narrated that Hassaan bin
    Thaabit (ra) used his articulate poetic skills to
    dispraise the idolaters of Makkah by saying whenever
    you pray you clap and whistle.

    Shaykh al-Islam said in al-Fataawa (11/569) I know
    that in the golden age, the first and best three
    centuries, in the Hijaaz, in Syria, in the Yemen, in
    Egypt, in the Maghreb, in Iraq, in khorasan, none of
    the religious and righteous people, the ascetics and
    those who worshipped Allaah much, would gather to
    listen to this whistling and clapping and drum-
    beating and so on. This was innovated after that at
    the end of the second century, and whenever the
    imaams saw it, they denounced it.

    It is proven from the Sharee'ah that it is forbidden for
    Muslims to imitate the kuffaar in their Ibaadah (ritual
    acts) even if it is intended for a different purpose.
    Therefore the Muslims are not allowed to clap their
    hands even if it is for amusement purposes,
    encouragement or just playing a game. Sheikh ul-
    Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah said whatever the mushriks
    (polytheists) do whether ritually or customarily it is
    forbidden to do that same action even if the Muslims
    do it for another reason (i.e. not for the same
    purpose). [Al-Iqtidaa volume 1, p196]
    bn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyyah said clapping is haraam
    (forbidden) and munkar (evil); by practising it you
    come out of the Fitrah (natural disposition) and you
    imitate the kuffaar, all of which Allaah (swt)
    dispraises, and he quotes al-Anfaal, 8: 35 to prove his
    case. [Talbees ul-Iblees volume 1, p316]
    Abu Umaamah al-Baheeli reported that the
    Messenger Muhammad (saw) said, 'The people of
    Loot (as) had ten characteristics; among those ten
    were clapping and whistling.' [Ibn Asaakir in his
    Taareekh volume 50, verse 321]. Imaam 'Ali,
    Qataadah and Hassan (ra) also testify to this.

    This hukm (Islamic rule) on clapping applies to both
    men and women. However some people try to restrict
    the ruling of clapping as being forbidden for men
    only in Salaah. Based on an incident where the
    Sahaabah (ra) of the Prophet (saw) clapped during
    prayer to attract the attention of Abu Bakr (ra). After
    the Salaah Muhammad (saw) said, 'The saying
    Subhaan-Allaah is for men and clapping is for
    women' [Saheeh al-Bukhaari]. This view is incorrect
    because if one claims that clapping is not allowed
    only in Salaah then you need to bring further
    evidence to say that this only applies in Salaah and
    not in any other sphere of life; bearing in mind the
    generality of the evidences consulted above.
    Amongst the 'Ulamaa (Islamic scholars of
    jurisprudence) there is dispute on what constitutes
    clapping for the women during Salaah, some say it is
    clapping the thighs with hands, or clapping the palm
    of one hand against the back of the other hand; the
    latter being the stronger opinion. However in any
    case there is evidence to substantiate that women
    clapped outside of Salaah and Muhammad (saw)
    criticised them.

    Wa Sallam aleikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu..

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    The Verdict of Islam on Clapping. Empty The Islamic verdict on Clapping

    Post by Abdulateeph on Sun Nov 17, 2013 1:42 am

    Point of correction, the Article Source: > Forum > Learning Area > Learn
    about Islam

    Abu Muslim Manager
    Abu Muslim Manager

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    The Verdict of Islam on Clapping. Empty Re: The Verdict of Islam on Clapping.

    Post by Abu Muslim Manager on Wed Nov 20, 2013 9:46 am

    that was a good liberation, keep it up>

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    The Verdict of Islam on Clapping. Empty Re: The Verdict of Islam on Clapping.

    Post by Abdulateeph on Fri Nov 22, 2013 5:35 pm

    @ Abu Muslim (Manager). Jazakumu llahu khairan sir. I really appreciate your compliment and your word of encouragement Sir. May Allah be with all our instructors of this wonderful symposium (Insight Mission World), particularly Dr. Abdul Afiz (Abu Sekinah). I never regretted to be one of the participants because it has illuminated me positively. Alhamdulilah. May Allah reward u all and double your rewards in many folds. Sallam aleikum.

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    The Verdict of Islam on Clapping. Empty Re: The Verdict of Islam on Clapping.

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