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    Science of the quran(2)

    abdraman musliudeen

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    Science of the quran(2) Empty Science of the quran(2)

    Post by abdraman musliudeen on Thu Nov 14, 2013 6:00 pm

    Orientalist , critiscm , and islamic response .

    WHAT IS ORIENTALIST : this word is coined from the orient which means the act of changing direction in order to face east .
    Under this explanation, we think it is also benefitting to make you know some terms that are linked with orientalist . An Example of such can be extracted from :
    1. ORIENT: This clinically means the act of putting our direction to face the east .
    2. ORIENTAL STUDIES : this is the academic field of study that embraces near and far eastern societies , culture , language , people 's history and archeology .

    HENCE : Orientalist can now be referred to as the name a scholar of oriental studies is called


    1. Orientalist f.buhl claimed that ( qur 68 vs 6 ) means that some verses of the quran cannot be preserved .
    The joint answer of the ulamaas to that is that the aayaahs had already been abrogated by Allah , meaning the verses are among the nasuq wa mansuq . And qur(68:6) is where Allah was telling the prophet that he won't make him remember

    2. Also orientalist margoliuth claimed that prophet ( s.a.w) had once forgotten a verse .
    He brought out a proof from an authentic hadith reported by bukhari and muslim that sayyidah ayisha ( r.a ) said : the prophet once heard one of his companions reciting the quran and he ( prophet ) said : " rahmatul-llahi , laqad azkartanii aayatan kunta ansiitaha " meaning ; peace of Allah on you , you have just remembered me a verse i had forgotten .
    The simple answer to this is also an hadith of prophet s.a.w which the prophet proclaimed that " i am a human being like you only , i am liable to forget and if i do , please remember me "

    3. Some said the quran was not well arranged and why the restriction of wahy to a few numbers of people .
    The answer to this also goes thus ; the uniqueness of the quran makes it different from other books complied by humans and it even shows that quran is not written humans being . The restriction of wahy , that is , the revelation of the quran to prophet alone makes it unique , thus , if wahy is been revealed to everybody , there will not be value for the quran and that may lead to contradiction and mistakes in the holy quran .


    What is ayat makki and madani :

    makkiyyatul revelation means these revelation has been revealed to prophet (saw) before his hijrah ( migration from mecca to medina ) . The following are the features of makki (1).these verses on tawheed solat unseen,Allah existence,the people of old,short verses e.t.c.
    MADANI REVELATION;these are the verses been revealed to phophet muhamed (s.a.w)after his migration(from mecca to medina). The features of the madani revelation are long verses,are based on law,people of hypocrates,based on jihad,and they are simple.

    Abu Hafsah
    Abu Hafsah

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    Science of the quran(2) Empty Re: Science of the quran(2)

    Post by Abu Hafsah on Fri Nov 15, 2013 4:51 pm

    The submission is good,but the group can still do better than this. Burika fihi.

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