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    week2:summary on science of the holy qurian

    ibrohim daud

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    week2:summary on science of the holy qurian Empty week2:summary on science of the holy qurian

    Post by ibrohim daud on Wed Nov 13, 2013 12:46 am

    WEEK 2
    What do we mean by Nuzuul Al-Quran?
    This is simply the process of revealing the Quran through the prophet .it also mean the descent of the glorious Quran or revelation of holy Quran.
    There are also stages which Allah sent the Quran to the prophet
    1st stage: Allah says:
    ( ina anzal nahum fih laillatul Mubarak) (44:3)
    (ina anzal nahum fih lailatul Quadri) (25:32)
    2nd stage: Gradual manner.
    Significance and wisdom behind gradual revelation:
    Steading the prophet’s heart.
    Gentleness with the prophet.
    Gradation in legislation.
    Facilitating the preservation of the Quran.
    Dealing with problems as they arose.
    Asbaab an-nuzuul is the reference to an incident or an enquiry reasons for the revelation.
    Importance of asbaab-nuzuul.
    To understand the produce behind various commandment
    Knowing the background of a particular revelation
    To clear an ambiguity pertaining to an ayah E.G Wahmah rohwaita izromoita walakina llaha rahman. Which means:you are not the one who threw when you thought you threw but almighty Allah threw it.

    Courtesy:khaleed bn wahleed
    Abu Hafsah
    Abu Hafsah

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    week2:summary on science of the holy qurian Empty Re: week2:summary on science of the holy qurian

    Post by Abu Hafsah on Wed Nov 13, 2013 7:57 pm

    As I have said initially, your grammatical errors have to be checked very well before final submission. Likewise, your transliteration is deficient. Nice job,keep it up.

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