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    summary on information technolgy

    ibrohim daud

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    summary on information technolgy Empty summary on information technolgy

    Post by ibrohim daud on Wed Nov 13, 2013 12:44 am

    Peripherals is explained to the external devices that are attached to the system unit of the computer,the peripherals are mainly input and output device.
    Also the chapter explained the input devices used to enter data or instructions to a computer e.g mouse and keyboard, biometric authentication device, it also mention the various keys on the keyboard such as: Alphanumeric key, numeric key, navigation key, function key, and special key.
    While the output device is the medium through which the computer communicates the result of processed data which means the information to the user.
    The importance between monitor types are the types of technology used to create an image, the likes of:
    Cathode rayed tube(CRT) is the most common types of technology.
    Liquid crystal display(LCD) its of two forms active matrix and passive matrix.its commonly used in laptops.
    Digital light processing(DLP) its another technology used in projectors. The chapter also explained other output devices like printer scanner and fax machine.
    Machines such as printers are output devices that create hard copies of computer files often all-in-one type.
    Printers are only designed to provide multiple service such as printing ,fax, and computer functions.
    Speakers are also output device for audio signals which means computer have audio support intergrated into the motherboard or on an adapter card.
    Lastly in the chapter explained the meaning of printer and various types of of printer. Printer produces paper copies of electronics files hard copies of computer document remain important today.
    Scanner allows users to convert paper document into electronic files.

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