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    summary on introduction of hadith

    ibrohim daud

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    summary on introduction of hadith Empty summary on introduction of hadith

    Post by ibrohim daud on Wed Nov 13, 2013 12:38 am

    Hadith is an Arabic word which means WORD but according to the scholars(Islamic) it could be define as the sying of the prophet Muhammed(S.A.W), the deeds and the reactions or sayings or the silent approvl of the prophet. Before proceeding,the three division of hadith will be state below with example.
    WORD OR SAYING: the noble prophet Muhammed(S.A.W) said whoever lie against me intensionally should find a place to sit in the hell fire.
    DEEDS: Narated that umar(R.T.A) walked through a stone and he kissed it and said : I know surely that you(stone) you cn either hrm nor have benefit for me, had it been I have not seen the noble prophet(S.A.W) which meanswho kissed you I would not have kissed you.
    Reaction to others action:Abu bakr (R.T.A) said- we do decline when the prophet was alive. By this three different constructions above, it is a classical example of Hadith Nabawiyy his saying, Deeds and reaction to others action.
    We also have Hadith-ul-Qudsiyu which means the revelation of the prophet when sleeping.
    Initially hadith has been define and sunnah is also an Arabic word which means way or pat. So sunnah can be defined as the way of life which the prophet taught the people in theory and practice in his capacity as a teacher of shari’ah.
    Sunnah with meaning is more comprehensive than hadith because hadith takes path in sunnah. The most dependable source of Islamic law after the noble Quran is said to be the sunnah which hadith was classified under it.
    The most nnoying part is that there are some division who claim to be Muhmeenuun in all perspectives and the neglect or battle sunnah and with that they belief they are the best anmong others like the KHARAJITES and JAMAHIYYATUL QURAANIYYAH,they(QURAANIYYAH) exagrated that nothing must applied in terms of practicing islam than Qurn only where as Sunnah is the breakdown of what the Quran says in most of the Quran verses.


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