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To facilitate balanced growth of Muslim generation culturally, morally, intellectually and spiritually, to become holistic and insightful in serving the cause of their Creator.

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    Terms & Conditions Empty Terms & Conditions

    Post by Admin on Tue Nov 05, 2013 9:05 pm

    Terms & Conditions
    Student Contract


    Students are requested:

    To constantly make du‘ā before and after the lesson to aid you in learning, and then in understanding and applying the sacred Sharī‘ah knowledge you have invested precious time in gaining

    To make du‘ā for the organisers, the admin, the teacher(s) and all those involved in bringing this effort to you – that Allah ‘azza wa jall gives them tawfīq to do that which He loves and is pleased with, that He forgives them their mistakes, and that He increases them in sincerity, knowledge and action

    To bring all notes, texts, writing material and other aids to every lesson without fail

    To familiarise yourselves as soon as possible with the specific etiquettes in studying such knowledge with a teacher and then apply it from the start of your study, such as seeking permission before one wishes to leave the room, or to ensure any devices that might cause a disturbance are switched off, or that one doesn’t continue to argue one’s opinion/query if the teacher/support team closes the discussion on that point, etc.

    To respect the teaching environment, particularly with respect to the intermingling of the sexes

    Not to disrupt or attempt to disrupt the teaching or administration, or use aggressive or harassing behaviour, either physical or verbal, towards any student, tutor or other employee of Insight Institute or any visiting speaker.

    Not to damage or deface any property or premises where the Insight Institute Programme is held

    Not to misuse computing and network facilities in or outside the Masjid

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