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    1st Lecture on The ISLAMIC WORLD VIEW

    1st Amiyru Shuqqo
    1st Amiyru Shuqqo

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    1st Lecture on The ISLAMIC WORLD VIEW Empty 1st Lecture on The ISLAMIC WORLD VIEW

    Post by 1st Amiyru Shuqqo on Tue Nov 12, 2013 8:41 pm

    In order to understand the concept "Islamic World View", one has to look into its meaning individually. This is the reason why we need to define the words one after the other.
    Islamic:- this word is to identify issues that associates with Islam. Its inclined with Islamic perspectives and disciplines. Examples are Islamic School, Islamic Banking, Islamic Preaching, e.t.c
    World View:- this is a compound noun combining World and View. World implies the Universe, the Earth and in fact everything living on the earth. The word View may denote perspectives, opinion, way of understanding, picturing, sight, scene, vista, panorama, spectacle e.t.c
    Hence, World View refers to perspective of the World or the of understanding the World.
    With this, we can hereby infer and define Islamic World View as the way Islam understands the World. Islam itself means Ad-Din and in fact it has many other comprehensive meanings.
    What Ad-Din signifies:
    In an organized or civilized society, one of the Basic significant of Ad-Din indebtedness derived from the verb "daana". In such a society, anyone who is indebted but had nothing in possession would definitely subject himself to the law governing indebtedness and in no doubt be prepared to face the judgment "daynuunah" and the conviction "idaanah". The judge "dayaan" would then sentence him to the punishment in accordance with the custom of that society.
    Collectively, Ad-Din is a debt, we are in-debt to Allah, our existence is the debt we owe Him. This means we owe him our life. We must be dutiful and submissive to Allah.

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    1st Lecture on The ISLAMIC WORLD VIEW Empty Re: 1st Lecture on The ISLAMIC WORLD VIEW

    Post by Abusekinah on Tue Nov 26, 2013 9:06 pm

    Baarak Allahu fiikum.

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