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    Marry for LOVE, not for LUST!!!!!!!!!!

    1st Amiyru Shuqqo
    1st Amiyru Shuqqo

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    Marry for LOVE, not for LUST!!!!!!!!!! Empty Marry for LOVE, not for LUST!!!!!!!!!!

    Post by 1st Amiyru Shuqqo on Wed Jan 29, 2014 10:12 pm

    D rate at which MARRIAGES collapse
    nowadays is assuming a social status
    symbol in our geo. Soon, people will be
    throwing divorce parties, invite friends
    and well-wishers to celebrate their
    divorce; people would hire a hall and
    popular musicians would play. Question
    like "When are u getting divorced?" will
    become ubiquitous.
    Brethren! Pls kindly prepare a scorecard
    to evaluate yourself on the following
    qualities. If u poses anyone, u should
    mark and if u don't u cancel. Let's do
    *Can u handle the weight & pressures of
    *Do u know what marriage is all about?
    *Are u getting married because of the
    things u desire or hope to gain from your
    *Can u be faithful to your partner?
    *Can u endure insults from one another?
    *Can u forgive one another's wrongs?
    *(Females) Can u place your spouse
    above every other human-being?
    *(Males) Can u place your partner above
    Its better u don't get married out of
    desperation. "All my friends are getting
    married" is not a reason to get married! If
    u desire a successful home, but your
    choice of friends are forces not to reckon
    with, think twice. Be mindful of where
    you go for advice, for many would give,
    but not all mean well!
    #Guys!!! if u know u can't put ur wife
    ahead your ego, kindly remain single till
    u're matured enough to do so. Your wife
    is your priority and your interest should
    come last in your decision. You are d
    teacher, d guide, d bodyguard, d role
    model to your immediate family, you are
    neither a deity nor God, So do not expect
    to be worshiped. U truly deserve respect,
    so earn it by being responsible!
    #Ladies!!! if u know u can't be submissive
    to your soul-mate, pls don't go into
    marriage so u're not turned to a punch
    bag! If u know u can't stand being
    corrected, pls remain in your father's
    Everybody!!! Pls check your scorecard. If
    ur score is 0, pls stay out of Marriage!
    Couples!!!! pls make ur marriage work.
    Read carefully and share it with others. It
    doesn't matter if u are Married or Single.
    Your contribution might save a soul from
    going astray. Marry for Love not for

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