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    amir speech of az-zubayr

    abdraman musliudeen

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    amir speech of az-zubayr Empty amir speech of az-zubayr

    Post by abdraman musliudeen on Sat Dec 28, 2013 5:24 pm

    In the name of Allah, the most beneficient, the most merciful.All adorations is due to Almighty Allah and may His peace and blessing be upon the noble prophet Muhammed(P.B.O.H) his wives and his followers.
    The director, Ustadh AbdulAfiz Musa, Honourable guests, Our erudite tuitors,the industrous staff, Group leaders, and my fellow students.
    I am delighted to use this ample opportunity to express the little I have observed during the camping period. Today marks new phase in the administrative history of this noble, reputable young man, ustadh Afiz Musa Oladimeji who had imagined to promote Islam many years back.
    Alhamdulilah! great fortune and achievement contributed immensely throughout an eight week programme organised for students from different madaaris of across various enviroments and locations to unify them through islamising these variations to think and work toward the teaching and preaching of sunnah in its real generic connotation rightly passed from prophet Muhammed and his companions.
    We must recall how far enlightmqlent we have been taught to view the world through the lens of islam, and we must not be conservative but dynamic and civilized in islamic dealing. We must defend sunnah, by putting it into pratice and preaching it to other in amicable manner, thus people will see the beauty of sunnah. Fighting each other, rebuking and mockering over other is not sunnatic , but ability and act of comprehending and tolerating each other to propagate islam higher, this is the kind of method sunnah is preached.
    Prophet Muhammed (P.B.U.H) said "convey of me even a word". Therefore, it is high time we stood on our feet firmly to envangelise sunnah through a simple approach within the muslim ummah and the society at large such as advocating for sunnah by unifying among the muslim ummah which brings synergy in dawwah forever, hence division brings falling according to an adage which says "As united we stand and divided we fall ''.
    As a principle, if something cannot be attained in its fullest, one should not neglect what can be attained of it, Insight Institute has done what it should have done on us; learning of sunnah in all ramification (in critical civilised manner) and even vocational trainings to provide job opportunities and alleviate poverty. Our obligation lies on putting what we had been taught into practise( pragmentation) as we are going to our various madaaris and defending the sunnah as a course which had been rigorously taught. Simultaneously eight week program stands rather to against or support , may Allah make it a possibility for us in practice.
    More kodus to our honourable members of staff, for the corperation among yourselves before today. Moreso, put more effort to elevate Islam through what you have been endowned with by Almighty Allah to produce more sound, relevant and civilised,hearty islamic human person after today. I pray Allah elevate you as you elevate Islam.
    As we all know a tree can not make a forest. We apreciate the effort and contribution of my fellow students in the program, may Allah enrich our knowledge.
    lastly, I will have to commend the effort of the managament of Insight Mission World and those who support the mission closely and at distance, Allah will reward you all.
    In conclusion, may Allah accept this little effort of gathering to make today reality as an act of ibaadah and all our subsequence programs and make our final abode al-jannah.

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