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    Post by Muhammad Mubarak on Mon Nov 11, 2013 9:47 pm

    There are different terms used to qualify Islam some of which are generally accepted while some are also disregarded. The use of the word Islamist by the western is regarded as extremist or fundamentalist. Islamism is an ideology guiding the practicing of Islam. Islamization is the act of making something western Islamic. To Islamize means to decontextualize i.e. changing something into a new process, then you later recontextualize.
    Religion consist not only an affirmation of the unity of Allah( A-taoheed)  but also of  the manner and form in which we verify that affirmation as shown by His prophet  who confirmed, perfected and consolidated the manner of form of  affirmation and verification of those prophets who came before him.
    The concept couched in the term Din, which is generally understood to mean religion, at this juncture it becomes clear that the concept of Din in it is most basic form reflect the natural tendency of  a man to form society and obey law and seek justice.
    Islamic world view means how people perceived Islam in the world, it is concerned with the world reaction with the action and behavior of the Muslims irrespective of their socio-cultural background. Some part in the world regard Muslim as extremist, they don’t think of their own self centered attitude because they don’t want to be influenced by others but they influence and have priority over the other nations.  A Muslim should follow the injunctions of Allah without contradicting any of His messages.  
    Primary significance of al-Din
    This could be reduced to be four viz:
    • Indebtedness
    • Submissiveness
    • Judiciousness
    • Natural inclination tendency
    Daana which derives its word from din convey the meaning of  being indebted. In the state of being indebted (adainu) you will definitely subject yourself  to different humiliation  because you will see yourself as a slave before the person you are indebted to.
    If you are indebted you are under obligation, and being in debt and under obligation naturally involves judgment ( Dainunoh) and conviction  ( Idaanah) .
    All these signification are practicable possibilities only in organized society involved in commercial life in towns and cities. A town or city has a judge or ruler. We can now see that in various applications of the verb (Daana), we see before our eyes a picture of  civilized life with order, justice and authority.
    Conceptual connection between these meaning
    It is conceptually connected with another verb (Moddana) which means to build, to found cities, to civilize, from these another word meaning Civilization is derived. At this juncture it is cleared that the concept of  Din in its most basic form reflect the natural tendency of a man to form society and obey law and seek justice.
    How can the concept of being indebted be explain in the religion and spiritual context.
    What is the nature of the debt?
    To whom is the debt owned ?
    Man is indebted to God, his creator and provider, for bringing him into existence and maintaining him in his existence . Anyone who ponders seriously on his origin will realize that there had been a time when he did not exist. Naturally this thinking could make you believe that your sense of  being indebted for your existence cannot really be directed to anyone other than Allah
    How will you repay this debt when you absolutely own nothing
    Human being himself is the substance of this debt, so he must repay with himself. He himself is the debt to be returned to the owner, returning the debt means to give himself up in service to his lord. Therefore you have to be submissive and subject yourself to serving Allah totally.

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    Post by Abusekinah on Thu Nov 14, 2013 8:55 pm

    This is a good try, however it still needs further improvement. You guys don't seem to properly understand the meanings of some terminologies and the context in which they are used. Take for an instance the word Islamism, you didn't explain whether its usage to qualify Islamic teachings and principle is correct and appropriate or not. Also, there doesn't seem to be a connection between your paragraphs. Please take note of this observation and improve your summary next time.
    Finally, Islamic Worldview does not mean how people perceive Islam in the world but rather how Islam itself perceives the world.
    keep up a good try

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