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    Online Etiquettes Empty Online Etiquettes

    Post by Admin on Tue Nov 05, 2013 9:01 pm

    The practices of courtesy and respect that apply to working with any group also apply online, and, as students cannot see each other, these practices may require even more attention over the Internet. Below are Insight Institutes's etiquettes.

    By enrolling on any of Insight Institute's courses you are agreeing to abide by the following online etiquette guidelines:

    1. Participate – in the online environment, it’s not enough to turn up. You will be expected to greet the class and announce your name and location.

    2. Share questions and tips – questions you send to the discussion board will help others, and taking part in discussions will help you to learn. It is often the case that where a student encounters a problem, it is the experience of other students that is most valuable. Students come to this course from a range of different backgrounds, so that there will be within a group a great deal of relevant, and complementary, experience. This means that all members have something to contribute.

    Tutor support will also be available insha Allah.

    3. Think before you click – before you ‘post’ your comments, check through what you have written. Did you say exactly what you meant? How will the person on the other end read the words? While you can’t anticipate all reactions, do read your messages carefully before you send them.

    4. Remember that we can’t see the grin on your face – when you make an ironic comment, we can’t see the concern on your face if you only say a couple of words or write something which may seem harsh or critical, and we can’t read your mind and fill in the gaps if you abbreviate your comments. Help us “see” you by explaining your ideas fully. You could also use an emoticon, to let the reader know that your comment is meant to be ironic or funny.

    5. Keep your messages short and to the topic – when composing your messages aim to express your thoughts concisely. Practice your communication skills by ‘listening’ to others as well as expressing your ideas. In addition, reading lengthy messages on a computer screen may be tedious for you and your readers. Lengthy postings don’t hold the attention of readers and are less likely to get a response.

    6. Any derogatory or inappropriate comments are unacceptable and are subject to disciplinary action. Any offensive postings will be removed from the discussion areas.

    7. Attempting to impersonate another user or individual, misrepresenting your affiliation with any individual or entity, or using the username of another user with the intent to deceive; and engaging in fraud are subject to disciplinary action.

    8. Disciplinary action – if there are contraventions to the above code of conduct, you may be offered a verbal warning yet Insight Institute retains the right to exclude any student if it feels they have failed to uphold the manners required of a student of knowledge.

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