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    Post by Muhammad Mubarak on Sat Dec 28, 2013 9:59 am

    This is another form of statement which present a claim in the form of two related sentences.  It implies that something will occur as the result of another event.
    It is related in such that if the first is true, the second must be accordingly true.
    For instance, if you drink this ‘deadly poison’ you will die looking at this statement, we can say it is a conditional statement and at the same time it is valid and sound.
    What make the statement valid & sound is the affirmation of the consumption of poison that is fatal/deadly.
    Analogy in Islamic Jurisprudence (QIYAAS)
    Analogical reasoning has played a pivotal role both is the formation of Islamic Law and in its development.  Muslim scholars were unanimously of the views that text from which any ruling is supposed to derive are definite while events or happenings are indefinite.
    The challenge faced is how we marry the two together and this lead to the development of Qiyaas which is used to extend the hukmu from an event which has textual evidence to another event which lacks that evidence of the fround of some similarities between the two events.
    Element of Qiyaas
    1. The Asl (the case)
    2. The Hukm (Ruling)
    3. Illah (efficient cause)
    4. Far’u (new case).

    Grape wine is haram by way of text.  Therefore, any alcoholic beverage is haram. Analysing this statement under the following factors;

    1. Asl (case):
    The source is grape.
    2. Hukm (ruling)
    Grape is lawful for consumption.
    3. Illah (efficient case)
    The negative effect is that if the juice is extracted and it undergo fermentation process, this can make it become intoxicated.
    4. Far’u (new case)
    At initial stage, grape is lawful but when it undergoes fermentation process to produce grape, it will become intoxicant and this pronounce it unlawful.

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