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    1st Amiyru Shuqqo
    1st Amiyru Shuqqo

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    Post by 1st Amiyru Shuqqo on Thu Dec 26, 2013 9:01 pm

    #•#•#What a Cruel Environment I am, I
    feel more than ashamed for my people
    because they have gone haywire, How I
    wish I have the wherewithal to change
    things and effect dynamism but I'm left
    with nothing than to vehemently speak
    through any medium I so see as the most
    conventional to reach out to my people;
    "My Eyes downpour is uncontrollably"
    "My Heart shivers sadly"
    "My Tongue vibrates in pains and agony"
    "My actions are de-escalating and
    inaction profusely escalating''
    Why has rights turned to wrongs and
    wrongs are seen as a normal and less
    preposterous act, it is highly
    incomprehensible When Knowledgeable
    Ones becomes Evil Perpetrators, Qur'an
    Memorizers now act against Its
    Teachings, HIJAB SISTERS turns Secret
    Street Dogs, The Stream of Zinah we
    heinously hereby wine & dine and
    Virginity is no more a Pride.
    «Ha aa!!!
    Where are the Saints?
    Where are the VIRGINS?
    Where are the Pious Ones?»
    Yaa Allah!!! Please save me from being led
    Astray, Misguidance is the order of the
    We are the cause of all these (Yes! Me
    and You "'don't look at the person next to
    you"') and I doubt it if we will meet our
    Lord as a forgiven servants.
    Would you tell your Lord you never
    committed any atrocity?
    Haven't you had a taste from the Sour
    Stream of Zina?
    Hmm... If you pretend to the World ~
    Didn't you remember The Almighty
    knows your secret and open acts?
    ***Alas!!! My <Geo> is now decapitated
    with Lies ± ZINA ± all Devilish Deeds =
    The Wrath of Allah now begins to Strike
    us ÷ Good examples are the Social
    Disasters + Climate Hazards + Economy
    Meltdown + Dreadful Disease Outbreak
    {H.I.V/A.I.D.S} to mention but few***
    ~-~Watch Out for More of His Wrath _-_ If
    we didn't REPENT & Seek for His
    Forgiveness ± He would surely Destroy Us
    Lastly, Stay away from ZINA!!! Stop
    Lying!!! May the Anger of Allah be on all
    Lairs & the Blessing of Allah be on all
    Pious Ones.

    Spread the Gospel, Share this Post :> You
    will surely be rewarded by Allah for
    saving a soul from deepening in Zinah...
    From the pen of
    {Ola Oluwa}

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