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    islamic civilisation

    abdraman musliudeen

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    islamic civilisation  Empty islamic civilisation

    Post by abdraman musliudeen on Mon Nov 11, 2013 8:04 pm

    The term civilisation comes from the word civis and the arabic word attamaddun or alhadaarat

    The term civilisation is sometimes comtroversial in several ways such as:

    BARBARIAN FACTOR : people love to be called civilised so as not to be called barbarians.
    BUT WHO ARE THE BARBARIANS? : these are those who are less priviledged and less-inferior

    PRIMITIVITY FACTOR: people wish to be called modern so as not to be adressed as primitives.
    BUT WHO ARE THE.PRIMITIVES? these are those who are considered wild with crude culture
    SOCIETY FACTOR : people wish to be adressed civilised due to high importance attached to advanced society

    HENCE,It had been deduced that there is no perfect western definition for civilisation.!


    1. civilisation means the form of high culture in which people live im urban centre ,master art of smelling metals and developing the method of writting
    2. means the refinement of thought,manners,or taste
    3. the level of advancement made by every society
    4. the level of superiority over inferiority


    AGRILCULTURE: this is a very important figure in the of civilisation and is a real paramount way of determination of civilised society


    OCCUPATION SPECIALISATION : we won't think this is paramount because every culture has different occupational preference such as farming and hunting is preferred in yoruba land

    DEVELOPED TRANSPORT SYSTEM : e.g from animal to motor cycle, motor car e.t.c

    STANDARD MEASUREMENT : e.g abacus <–> calculator

    LEGAL SYSTEM : village gathering <-> high court

    AESTHATIC ARCHITECTURE : this is just like occupational specialisation , this is also paramount but so confusing so should be opted out

    POLITICAL STRUCTURE <—> can be acquired through birthright and nobility . but nobility can be bought with money

    SCIENCE . e.t.c.

    a chart was introduced by the western world which we muslims oppose.

    farming—specialisation—surplus food — complex society
    farming— population— surplus food — complex society

    1. cities, centeral government and lawcodes
    2. highly organised religion
    3.specialised job e.g full time monk
    4. social classes e.g assyrian slaves in egypt
    5. writting and record keeping e.g drawing patterns e.t.c

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