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    Imam Shafi’i

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    Imam Shafi’i Empty Imam Shafi’i

    Post by Ibrahim Ismail Abiola on Thu Dec 19, 2013 2:39 am

    Imam Shafi’i
    He was the third great Imam. His name is Abu Abdullah bn Muhammad ibn Idris ibn Abbas ibn Uthman ibn Shafi. He was born in Gahza, Palestine 150 years after the Hijrah. His father died while he was young, and he was brought up in poverty by his mother, who was a talented woman. Imam Malik showed early sign of his intelligence and good memory. He learnt the Qur’an by the age of 7 and the Muwatta imam Malik by the age of 15. He learnt the Qur’an from Muslim bn Azanji at Gahza, from the age of 10 he studied in Makah and at twenty he moved to Madinah where he continued studies under Imam Malik for about 9 years until the later died in 204 A.H, by this time Ashafi’i had established his own reputation as a jurist. Like the other Imam, he was not afraid to criticize frankly the actions of the rulers, as a result of which was deported in chains to Iraq. Imam Shafi’i who learnt in the Malik school had the opportunity in Baghdad to go more deeply into study of the Hanafi school of Jurisprudence.
    Imam ash-shafi’I moved to Yemen, then he moved to Iraq to occupy himself in the science of religion. In Iraq he was arguing with Muhammad ibn al-hussan and other clerics where he spread the science of hadith and helped establish the development madzhab sunnah. He returned to Baghdad for a few years until at the age of 50 when he went to live permanently in Egypt, where he wrote his most famous works, Kitab al-Umm and al-Risalah and Diwanu Imam Shafi’i. He died in Cairo in 204 A.H. Al-shafi’i was known for his piety, straight forwardness &generosity. Although he himself was never rich, he used to give away all he could to the poor. Those who follow his school are now found mainly in Yemen, Egypt, Syria, Malaysia, Indonesia and east Africa.

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