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    Post by Muhammad Mubarak on Mon Nov 11, 2013 4:04 pm

                                                                                     FAUJU  ABU HURAIRAH
                                                                              ISLAMIC CIVILIZATION (AL-HADORAH)

    The word civilization is known as AL-HADORAH in Arabic language. It was derived from the latin word civilis meaning civil and civitas meaning city state. The best definition for al-Hadorah was given by Ibn khaldun. The term in a less strict way could be used to mean the same meaning as culture. Therefore it is referred to any important clearly defined human society.
    Civilization can be defined as the advancement in the level of development and technology which influenced the behaviour and culture of people living in a society. The Greeks believe that the barbarians are the less privileged ones, they claim that live their lifestyle in a primitive way, the bedrock of our mother civilization is their way of doing things in their own knowledge. They have retentive memory than the so called modern civilization, people want to be well addressed as civilized so as to set them free from being called barbarians. We can now realize that civilization is not the way we think, it is the matter of being creative and adopting what goes along with your culture without affecting your religion.
    People are being influenced by several ways, during the ancient time, they do communicate through ‘ODU’ but nowadays advancement have brought about the use of phones which has also facilitate affective communication.
    There are several controversies surrounding civilization in Islam, some one that imitates the culture of the Europeans is believed to have gone extremist in his religion but reverse will be the case if what he has introduced does not go against with the Sunnah of the prophet. For instance advancement in science and technology brought about the use of cars so as to ease transportation while during the olden days people do transport with horses and camels, so can we say this is not westernization but it is civilization. More so our mode of dressing, type of food we eat and our way of living has also been influenced as a result of development in technology, people tend to behave in a more civilized way which make them create a high level of culture. Civilization can be measured with the level of advancement. It can be progressively measure by Agriculture, transportation, occupation, method of writing, Aesthetic architecture, political structure etc. Practicing Agriculture in a modern way have to do with increase in production of food. Plants and animals are more domesticated in the way they contribute great impact to the sustenance of human. However the origin which is the religion should not be neglected.
     There is hierarchy in the political structure, people are arranged in a stratified way, this is also as a result of civilization. Civilization is very important in Islam, it should be accompanied with adequate knowledge so that there won’t be misconception and we should not go against the Islamic jurisprudence.  
    Elements of civilization
    The elements that enhance the level of advancement in a geographical area are the cities, central government and law code, highly organized religion, social classes, complex technologies, specialized jobs and writing and record keeping.   Civilization should be encouraged in Islam so that people will be able to practice the religion in a highly recommended way.

    Civilization is something we do to improve our lifestyle. Example is the baking of bread which will pass through various processes. It is also the fruit of our effort to improve the way we live.
    It can be defined as sophistication in luxury and the mastery of crafts used to advance it various aspects such as cooking, clothes, decoration, architecture and all social situations. Each of these requires skills and crafts to achieve it. They are specific and corollary one to another but vary according to the variation of the inclination of the soul towards the pleasures, delights and enjoyment of luxury that are determined by the decorum. Therefore cycle of civilization related to monarchy is necessarily intertwined with the cycle of peasantry, since peasantry and monarchy are substantial with one another.

    Civilization is the fruit of any human effort to improve his lifestyle whether this effort was conscious or subconscious. History is not an overnight job, it takes time and the element of time is civilization.
    Connection between history and civilization
    Since one cannot sow a seed and reap its fruit in one day, there is a linkage between civilization and history because history is about time and the fruits of civilization require a lot of time before it could be reaped.

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    Post by Abusekinah on Thu Nov 14, 2013 9:29 pm

    Alhamdulillah, this is a little better than your summary for Islamic worldview. Nevertheless, there is still a room for improvement. I suggest that you consider what I discussed with you guys yesterday. I believe your next summary will be better than this.
    Keep up a good try.

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