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    Hadith class held on 11/11/13

    1st Amiyru Shuqqo
    1st Amiyru Shuqqo

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    Hadith class held on 11/11/13 Empty Hadith class held on 11/11/13

    Post by 1st Amiyru Shuqqo on Thu Dec 12, 2013 5:04 pm

    Challenges facing The Sunnah.

    To start with, we realize that there are many challenges facing Islam and The Sunnah to be precise. Part of the challenges are to be discussed briefly as follows;-
    *Evangelizational Factor which includes the act of propagating Islam and Sunnah. Nowadays, Muslims find it difficult to be identified as a muslim they are neither proud of being a muslim nor would they defend the Sunnah. They now hide their Islamic identity whereas this is contrary to the non-Muslims. Our religious doctrine mandate it on us to understand the Islamic and Sunnatic concept then evangelize it to the World any where we are. Its a shame if we only have our faith hidden in our heart without it influencing our physical, moral and social appearance.
    *Westernization is also a great challenge facing the Muslim Ummah in defending the Sunnah. This is a process whereby the culture of The Western World is being adopted. Our lifestyle now becomes like that of the Americans, Spain, Europeans, and many more without considering the Legacy our Beloved Prophet left for us. This act automatically indicates that we are turning against the Sunnah of our Noble Prophet Muhammad(s.a.w).
    Mass Media is a major setback on the propagation and the act of defending the Sunnah. There are strict laws governing the media sector which made muslims really find it so difficult to convey the fundamental message of Islam and to defend the pure Sunnah of the Holy Prophet. Imagine a Broadcasting Station hindering a Lecturer from interpreting the true meaning of a particular ayah in The Holy Quran, because the ayah proclaim Islam as the only True Divine Religion. This would not have happened if it was owned by a Muslim or by an Islamic Organization. Alas, the few ones owned by Muslims are also occupied by the non-Muslims due to their influential status in the society.
    *Moreover, examining the Social Network these days we would all agree that its of two influences. The Positive and The Negative influence. Its useful for the serious minded ones who fear Allah and are ready to propagate Islam, while its other side critically affects it. Its no doubt that one can use a network site like facebook to preach Islam to millions of people in the World and to propagate the Sunnah in a meaningful manner yet, it use negatively is ubiquitous or common in the society today.
    These are great and challenging issues we all need to deliberate on as a Muslim and its a duty on us all to find a way to face it by defending the Sunnah.

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