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    Information Technology Class Held on 25/11/2013.

    1st Amiyru Shuqqo
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     Information Technology Class Held on 25/11/2013. Empty Information Technology Class Held on 25/11/2013.

    Post by 1st Amiyru Shuqqo on Thu Dec 12, 2013 1:16 am

    Computer Security and Risks.

    Computer security simply means the measures taken as precautions against theft or espionage or sabotage. Then, Risk means to expose to a chance of loss or damage or source of danger and the probability of being exposed infectious agents.
    With this, we need to know how important security is to our computer system. The following some ways it is of advantage to our computer;-
     It helps to avoid penetration of criminals on our private identities.
     It protects our military security from being accessed by enemies.
     It also assists our industries in protecting them against intruders.
     It protects us from corrupt Walters who copy our credit card numbers.
     It secures us from being hacked automatically.
     It also secures our automated teller machines to save our money from thieves.
     It avoids great personalities’ medical condition from being publicized on social Medias.
    However, every day we hear of new threats or viruses, does it mean they are really new? Surely, as science becomes improved or keeps improving, people tend to find all possible means to exploit the system just to have sort of personal gain. From this we could be able to deduce that “the more things change, the more they stay the same” that is the change in the state of something that was expected to bring about a change in its total self would finally bring out another picture of that thing which was hidden before. Relating this to the issue of uprising threats, we would imagine the following occurrences as major causes;-
     Companies’ Secrets; special employees who know confidential codes to keep a close eye on private accounts may leave for other jobs or retire from the job. Such confidential may leak out and be used to infiltrate the company’s privacy. Despite putting the new employee into problem, they also tend to use the means to get money. This is due to the fact that large amount of people like this don’t accept it as an offence to use the company’s secret.
     Viruses;- is an invasive biological agent hosts. When infected by a virus, a host cell forced to produce many thousands of identical copies of the original virus, at an extraordinary rate. A worm is similar to a virus by design and is consider to be a sub class of a virus worm spread from computer to computer but unlike a virus, it has the capability to travel without any human action.
     A Trojan horse;- is full of as mush trickery as the mythological Trojan horse it was named after. The Trojan horse at first glance will appear to be useful software but will actually damage the computer system once installed or run on it.

    In conclusion, now that we have completed this web quest on Computer Security and Risk, we should now be aware of the possible security treats to the computer system. Also we are now better able to protect it as well as recommend certain security measures to others. And again to protect the data we have to incorporate with the use of special data security software along with the physical security methods we have learned.

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