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    fiqh on imam abu hanifa

    abdraman musliudeen

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    fiqh on imam abu  hanifa  Empty fiqh on imam abu hanifa

    Post by abdraman musliudeen on Sat Dec 07, 2013 12:56 am

    Impact on islam

    To discuss about Abu hanifah, we have to know about his background, how he lived his life and his impact on Islam ….
    Abu khalifah was born in Basra, in Iraq, In 80 a.d, [700 a.h], and his names are “an-nu’man bin thabit bin zaoki “…..
    He grew up and lived in kuffah, where he worked and earned is living as a trader in textiles... but apart from trading , he lived most of his life studying ………
    He studied under various famous Islamic scholars. He was a very gifted and intelligent student apart from kuffah, where he grew up, he travelled to medina to assimilate and gain further knowledge, and he later became the greatest authority in kuffah and people business and kin loved him for his honesty in business and kindness….
    He was a leader in Islam and he was very diligent and intelligent, he was a great leader who had student from all over the world studying under him then.
    He was the first among the 4 great imams and he had a madcap [school of thought] which is still been followed till date...
    He sought more knowledge to satisfy the needs of people in Islam.
    He was very straightforward in telling the truth, he denied several posts allotted to him by the khalifah then, which he usually turned down was that the judge post which he turned down and it was this one that the khalifah then {khalifah Mansur] put him in prison and that is where he died at the age of 70 .that is 770 A .d …
    He was buried in Baghdad and all the people of Baghdad mourned his death. In fact is has been estimated that more than 50,000 people attended his funeral .may Allah bless his soul ….. aameen ………

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