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    Hadith 1 (Alnawawi)

    abdraman musliudeen

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    Hadith 1 (Alnawawi) Empty Hadith 1 (Alnawawi)

    Post by abdraman musliudeen on Sat Dec 07, 2013 12:04 am

    _Hadith 1
    _translation of hadit 1
    on the authority of amiru muminuu(the commander of faithful)abd hafs umar bn khattab,(may Allah be pleased with him)i heard the messanger of Allah who says,action are but by intention and every man shall only have what that which he intendend,thus he whose migration was for Allah and his prophet. his migration was Allah and his prophet and his migration is to achieve some worldy benefit or to take some woman in marriage,his migration was for that which he intended".
    (Related by bukhari and muslim.).
    We want to explain fully intention because this hadith is based on intention.
    Literally,intention means the determination and the will to follow a course of action.
    Technically,according to the scholar of shariah,intention may have one or two sences,the first is the distinction between one act of worship and another,example are,dintinguishing the noon prayer from afternoon prayer,specifing the fast of ramadan. While the second is clarifing the aim of workdone showing whether it is meant for the sake of Allah or other and about sincerity,different scholars have voiced out through ijtihad example,sahl bin abdullah said:because it has no share in it" and yusuf bin husse in-anrazy said,"sincerity is the most precious thing in this life.

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