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    boko haram by az-zubayr

    abdraman musliudeen

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    boko haram by az-zubayr Empty boko haram by az-zubayr

    Post by abdraman musliudeen on Fri Dec 06, 2013 11:56 pm

    Report on Boko haram
    By the group of az-zubayr bin awwam

    Lecturer in charge: ustaz afiz musa oladimeji [Abu sekinah]
    Course: Islamic civilization
    Date of presentation: 3/12/2013

    Introduction and reason for embarking on this project
    As-salaamu alaekum WA rahmatulah, from the group of az-zubayr bin awwam, we present to you the result of our research on group boko haram …….
    If we look critically into this matter, we have to find the reason for conducting our research on the matter , the first reason we give is the fact which people conceive about this group , people with little understanding about this group are always prepared to use the reported activities of this group to dent the image of islam , and importantly to paint islam in black , and for this reason we muslims ought to know the truth about this matter so as to know hw to defend ourselves from the kuffarsn actions.
    The second reason is, in Islam, it is enjoined on us to seek for and be more aware of what is going us around us...

    Do they really exist?
    This boko haram sect continues to be a probolem lingering around us for many years, but the question is; do they really exist? Yes or no? That would be decided by the audience after we present all we are able to present ………..

    Who are they?
    Boko haram according to our researches is a Hausa expression that means “western education is sinful “. They are said to be existing since 2001 till date, and they are said to be lead by “muhammad yusuf “ ...
    They are said to be called “jama’t ahlis-sunah lid-daáwati wal jihad “. They are said to bean Islamic jihadist militant organisationbased in the northeast of Nigeria [Maiduguri e.t.c.], north Cameroon and Niger …
    Objectives, focus and ideology
    Their objectives and focus as reported is to establish a pure Islamic state ruled by the shariah law putting an end to what is called “westernization”.
    They firstly started as as an indigenous group and turned into a jihadist group in 2009... They proposes that interaction with the western world is forbidden …infact it was reported that members of the group don’t interact with the the local Muslims population.
    Boko haram sect as it had been reported, attacks any person or group which criticizes their acts , infact it is reported to have been attacking anybody ,either christians , muslims , and even schools .. They are reported to always attack anyone ……..
    Their attacks includes: prison breaks, state bombings, church bombings, bombing attacks, individual attacks, school bombings…ties

    Forms of attacks
    This includes physical attack, suicide bombing and shooting …..
    Why do they attack?
    They are said to be attacking as a result of what is done to their leader,” muhammed yusuf “when he was reported to have been shot dead by the authorities
    Quranic and hadith verses that go against their reported activities
    In quran 2vs 256, we can see where Allah said that there is no compulsion in religion... And hadith 14 where it was reported by ibn masud, that a Muslim don’t have right to kill except on some three the end of the verse ….. is glaring there that , if truly boko haram are penetrating these acts of killing, then islam clearly forbids it as it is not found in the quran and sunnah to kill unlawfully …….
    We deem it fit to cite some references in which we got our evidences ; quran , hadith nawawi , , the nation news , vanguard news , speeches , the premium times , nigerian tribune , france 24 , aljazeera .etc.

    We thank you all for reading our report on a group called boko haram , we don’t want to be biased , so we wish to give our audience the freedom to decide if their actions are justified …..

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