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    kuttubar by azubair bn awwam

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    kuttubar by azubair bn awwam Empty kuttubar by azubair bn awwam

    Post by Afolabi Wasiu on Fri Dec 06, 2013 2:08 am

    Topic: Accountability in the grave
    All praises and adorations are due to Almighty Allah, The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful and His blesses and glories be upon our noble prophet Muhammed and his companions and those that follow his way till the day of resurrection, Amin.
    My lovely ikhwa in islam, according to the hadith narrated by abi barzat birooi may Allah be pleased with him said, the prophet of Allah [SAW] said in the grave every slave of Allah will not change or move his feet until he was asked about his life and how he exterminated it, his knowledge and what he did with it, his wealth and how was it been acquired and how did he spend it and about his body on what is grown old. Related by Tirimidly.
    Firstly, my lovely ikhwa in islam it cleared by going with above hadith, we would be asked about our life. What have we done throught this living, every second, minutes and hour we live in this earth we account for it. Our days and nights we account this period will be our favor if spent all our life for propagating Islam. Thus the period we spent our with family and friend should be in accordance with islam injunction.
    Secondly, we should bear in mind that any knowledge acquired and how we use it is accountable. perhaps do we make the knowledge useful for others and do we acquired this knowledge to propagate islam or other wise. Do we acquire it to be praiseful or to be a famous among other or to be seen. Ikhwa in islam asked yourself what have you done with your knowledge? As it been sources of getting reward or merely limited to your learning process alone? Knowledge of tefsir[Quran],fiq (Islamic jurisprudent) science,law,philosophy,etc are the effort made some
    Thirdly, wealth according to the hadith above connote asset money houses etc are agents that make people feel sense of been pleased and satisfied, some people gathered some people gather it normally through their work why some acquire it by fir by force.this may means through converting others right unto theirs .why some by ritual,some by fraud, etc. but forgotten that they are going to account for it and how they possed them.pleasure for he who acquire his wealth according to the rule of islam and woe to he that posses it unlawful way.
    Fourth, is our body and on what he grown old. This is another question we would face in the grave . he whose body grown old on the course of ALLAH pleasure is for him why woe on he whose body grown old on sin.all part of the body will refilled on what his master used them for ALLAH says in quran chapter 36 verse 65this day,we shall seal their mouths and their hands will speak to us and their leg will bear witness to what they used to earn
    In conclusion my ikhwa in islam let us check our self about the knowledge we acquired and what we do with it, about our life and how we are living, our wealth how do we acquired them and how do we spend them, about our body how are they growing are they in accordance with Islamic injunction may ALLAH forgive us and guide us,may the peace of ALLAH be upon the noble prophet

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