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    ijaz of the quran

    Afolabi Wasiu

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    ijaz of the quran Empty ijaz of the quran

    Post by Afolabi Wasiu on Fri Dec 06, 2013 1:55 am

    miracle can be define as a ddivine act which tranceds and defies the universal norms and lawt that cannot be performed by the aids of learning and pratices,which Allah grant to his messanger including the prophets (saw)in order to covience the people of the truth of thier message being passed to the people in the can be derived in the quran(2vs22-24).which says ''andif you (arab pagans jews and chistians)are in doubt concerning F that which we have sent down to our slave prophet (sahw)then produce a surah of the like thereof and call your witness beside Allah if you are truthful(quran 2vs 24)Allah says but if you do not,you can never do it.
    the miracle of the qurian make it unique and non of those non belivers whose claimed to be wise,ALLAH as tested them to produce just a verse and they can never do it.
    another evidence from the qurian;the miracle of the qurian make it difficult for the non belivers to ulter or revealed the qurian.evidence from al qurian(quran4 verse 84)do they not consider the qurian carefully,had it from other than ALLAH they will surely have affirm there in much of contracdictiom.
    the sceintific o9f the qurian make qurian entails some scientific knowledge which was later practicalise by the scientist (eg)water cycle in the qurian 86 verse 11)by the sky (having rain cloud)which give rain often or the movement of samaah(rain)
    reason for miracle:
    imam al qurtubi in is commentry listed the following as some reason for the miracle of the qurian.these are the following.
    1.its languages excel all other arabic languanges
    2.its style excel all the other arabic style
    3.its fulfilment of human needs
    4.its comprehensiveness cannot be matched
    5.and its effect on the heart of men
    6.its legislation cannot be surpassed
    challenges to all non believer.
    the quran has by virtues of its claim of divine origin challenged mankind to produce,or even unitedly just a few lines compable to those in quran.its has remind un answered to his day(q2vs22-24) the quran itself confiremed this that it cannot be done(q 7vs 88).
    The muijisah of quran covered the meaning of miracle,the reasson and the verses of the quran that explain the aspect part of the miracle in quran and both the scientific

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