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    the third stage of fiqh

    Abdul basit damilare

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    the third stage of fiqh Empty the third stage of fiqh

    Post by Abdul basit damilare on Fri Dec 06, 2013 1:36 am

    Umayyad dynasty. The Umayyad were in power in one century, from the death of the last righteous caliphs ( Alee bn Abee Taalib). The period was marked by great social unrest i.e the first problem started after the first successor of prophet among the Muslims during the era.
    There was no rest during this period , the Ummah divided to various sects and fuctions. The caliphate was converted into kingship, many practices were introduced which some were haram. These period is note worthy for three main trends.
    Increament in the number of ijtihaads given by scholars in which they make personal opinions.
    The narration of hadeeth became wide spreadin which in the era of the prophet it was not narrated, they don’t care wether the hadeeth is correct.
    The period marked the first attempt at complication of fiqh. In this period also that scholars of Islamic law first divided into fairly clear.
    In the third period fiqh face a lot of problem and the problem was due to some circumstances, these are:
    DIVISION OF UMMAH- these is caused by Al-khawarij this are the people who misunderstood the content of shariah in which anyone that commit sin would not be forgiving and anyone that intend to forgive that person is a sinner. Any Muslim who commit a sin is going to hell from the Al-khawarij. They mislead this people during this era and this cause division of the Ummah, they transgressed on the words of Alee.
    DEVIATION OF THE UMAYYAD CALIPHS: in which they converted the caliphate to kingship, turn the palace to a dancing palace.
    DISPERSION OF THE ULAMAA: in which the king don’t take care of the Ulamaa anymore.
    FABRICATION OF HADEETH: this as caused a lot of problems in which there is no confusion in Islam, it is caused by some weak Ulamaa.
    Characteristics of fiqh in the Umayyad period.
    In this period the scholar are divided into two group which are Ahl al-hadeeth and ahl al-ra’i.
    Ahl al-hadeeth are the people who are concern about Quran and hadeeth. They believe in Al il khiyas, they don’t think on their own, in which which they don’t have reference or prove and they don’t go beyond. That’s why they call them Ahl al-haram.
    Ahl al-hadeeth use Quran, Hadeeth and clear kiyas

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