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    suratul naba'i

    Abdul basit damilare

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    suratul naba'i Empty suratul naba'i

    Post by Abdul basit damilare on Fri Dec 06, 2013 1:32 am

    summary of suratul Nabai
    This is trying to tell us that they don’t really understand the day they are asking one another which seems to be the day of resurrection (yawmut -tagabun)
    About the great news: they are asking about the great news which which is the Day of Judgment i.e. yawmul baath
    No! They are going to know: This indicate that either soon or later they will be aware of what they are asking of i.e. (yawmul qiyamah) The day of judgment.
    Then No! They are going to know : the no, in that sentence indicate the emphatic on what he has said earlier i.e. he is emphasizing on it.
    Have we not made the earth a resting place Allah is trying to tell us the favour he was done for what he has created i.e. man, jinn, as resting e.t.c. i.e. The earth has been made as a resting place for us after which we have come back from work.
    And the mountain as stake? : This means that Allah has use the mountain to nail down the ground in order for it to be stable i.e. it is like peg for the earth.
    And we created you in pairs? Allah has created everything in two example Good and bad, man and woman, white and black etc. which everything get settle in this earth.
    And made your sleeps (rest): Allah has created the for us time to rest in order to be alright.
    And made the right has clothing? i.e. night is like an invisible cloth which will assists as in resting our body and brain.
    And made the day for live hood: Which means that the day is there for us to live and search for what we will eat for survival purpose.
    And constructed above you seven strong (heavens): This also indicate the power of Allah in such a was that something above us which serves as a protection with no pillars to two it.
    And made (there in) a burning lamp: This also tell us that the heaven serve as light for us in the day.
    And sent down, from the rain clouds, pouring water: This is also among the work and sign of Almighty Allah.
    That we may bring forth there by grain and vegetation i.e. Things that derives from on it.
    And gardens of entwined growth.
    Indeed The day of judgment is an appointed time i.e. it is a stipulated time that Allah has destined down.
    The day the horn is blown and you will come forth in multitudes.
    And the heaven is opened and will become gateways.
    And the mountain are removed and will be (but)a mirage i.e. in short the day of Qiyamah (yawmud-din).
    Indeed, hell has been lying in wait in the sense that those that did not follow the path of Allah are those that the hell is waiting for.
    For the transgressor’s a place of return, i.e. The hell is mainly for created for the transgressor which is their home return.
    In which they will remain for ages s(uneding)i.e. they will be there forever.(khalidina fiiha abadan)

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