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    method of thinking in islam

    Abdul basit damilare

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    method of thinking in islam Empty method of thinking in islam

    Post by Abdul basit damilare on Fri Dec 06, 2013 1:23 am

    This chapter emphasis on how various method of thinking critically in Islam. In Islam there is several of thinking critically which does not affect the sunnah and quranic verse in Islam.
    These method as follows:
    The major aims of thinking in Islam must determine by sharia i.e.(Islamic law.)
    The method of thinking critically in Islam contributed to the enhancement in the increase of our knowledgde, ideas, believed about uncreated creator i.e. (Almighty Allah).
    Also, the method of thinking critically in islam can be bring anything that will lead to scientific advancement which contributed to the peace and harmony within our environment and all over the whole nation.
    For a good and reliable followers critical great thinker in Islam should not contradict the sharia in the process of thinking.
    Thinking critically in islam contributed to the enhancement of the clarity of the Islamic message and spread all over the nation.
    Secondly, these chapter distinguished the different between sharia and critical thinking, it also explained that sharia served as the primary impetuses development of original thought.
    And, it is contributed to the unity in islam i.e. coming together of all Muslims all over the world, which provides frame work for healthy, goodness of human writhing environment.
    Finally, the aims and objectives of a good critical thinker in Islam are to thinking critically according to the guidelines of Islamic world view or in ways of how Islam perceived the whole nation.

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