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    Post by Muhammad Mubarak on Thu Dec 05, 2013 7:30 am

    Al-Ibar simply means lesson, while I’tibar mean taking lesson. There are many histories over years but only few had learnt from the past.
    The first thing to be looked into is this quotation “The lessons are many but learning from them are very little”. For someone to neglect the history it means that person lacks learning from life’s lessons. As we know that if there is no event there is nothing called history, considering it from this angle, it is very essential to study history.
    We have two different perception of history, the first one is known as “Islamic perception of history”. The formula for this shown thus:
    This implies that before we can consider an event as history there must be religion(Islam) followed by Man, time and place of occurrence.
    While the second one is known as “Western Perception of history”
    Man + Time + Space. Looking to this critically, we will be able to discuss where the west had made error; they excluded the religion of Allah “Islam”.

    Western perception Islamic perception
    Human being evolved through gradual development as stipulated by Darwin. Human history begins with the creation of Adam. The first human being on earth.
    History of human beings started on a old school note History of human beings began with proper guidance and civility
    History begins and ends with man as the ultimate Man though is the object of history but not the ultimate
    Divinity plays no role in history Divinity defines and shapes historical events

    History and Myths
    History is factual representation of events in the past based on evidence, it teaches moral lessons. Historical account can be validated in as much as the source is genuine.
    Myths are fiction and not real, it is based on imagination or superstition beliefs. It is fanciful, although it may be derived from true events in history but cannot be validated.
    This was propounded during the “Dark Ages” in Europe when the church was in absolute control and hegemony, they believed that human being was affected as a result of Adam’s sin until Christ came and sacrificed himself for their sin. Therefore all the life of man should be directed towards salvation. They use the word “Salvation and Worship” interchangeably, they claim they worship God but at the same time receive divine salvation from Jesus. This is one of their misconceptions which make them derail from the path of guidance. The church maintains that life of Man and history should be directed exclusively by God’s plan and that Man has no role in making the event of history.
    Anyone who hesitates to go to church will be excommunicated and ensure that he faced punishment by being deprived from incentives provided by the church; he will not have the right to take part in any of their activities anymore.
    The church did not believe that Adam sin was forgiven; they claimed that sin is inheritable. But the Qur’an has clarified this that the sin is not inheritable and that Adam sin was forgiven. Allah says “Then Adam received from his Lord Word . And his Lord pardoned him (accepted his repentance). Verily, He is the One Who forgives (accepts repentance), the Most Merciful”.

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